Hun Yuan Chi: Aligning With Pure Source Energy Through Sound Healing Technologies

Sound healing, an ancient and revered practice within Wisdom Healing Qigong, offers profound benefits not just for physical health, but also for emotional and spiritual well-being. Central to its effectiveness is the concept of Hun Yuan Chi, or the primordial universal energy, which plays a critical role in harmonizing the body’s energy systems. This blog […]

Self-Love, Spirituality, and Health: A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

In our quest for a fulfilling and healthy life, three interrelated dimensions emerge as fundamental: self-love, spirituality, and healing. Each of these aspects supports and enhances the others, forming a holistic framework that can significantly elevate our quality of life. Understanding how these elements intertwine not only broadens our perspective on well-being but also empowers […]

What do we mean by Source Energy, and how do we connect to it?

In one of the Q&A Sessions, Master Mingtong Gu was asked, “What do you mean by SOURCE ENERGY? To which Mingtong replied: “There are three layers of energy or chi: How do we connect with source energy? “All Chi is available – all three levels of chi are available all the time, everywhere. Level 3 […]

Ask Master Mingtong: What is Source Energy?

“What do you mean by source energy?” There are three layers of energy or chi: Internal chi: our personal energy that has been conditioned by our history. 2. Environmental chi: the energy of people, homes, workplaces, weather, and land that influence our lives. 3. Pure source energy:  the unconditioned energy out of which arises all form and formless […]

The Frequencies of Emotional Healing

A couple of red hearts sitting next to each other.

A Revolutionary Understanding Of Happiness And Emotions Through The Ancient Teachings Of Qigong Sound Healing Technologies For Greater Happiness, Health, Peace And Emotional Wellbeing The Power Of The Heart Energy To Transform Mental, Emotional And Physical Challenges Want to learn more about how you can incorporate sound healing into your life for greater health, healing […]

Ask Master Mingtong: Qigong, Longevity, and Modern Science

New Frontiers for Health and Longevity Some things get better with age, like fine wine and cheese. Biological processes transform these common foods into uncommon delicacies—delicious, sought-after treats. But aging in humans? Not always quite so delicious! Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, president of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and a Nobel Prize winner is narrowing […]

Ask Master Mingtong: How Can I Quiet My Busy Mind?

4 Steps to Focus the Busy Mind Through Qigong Do you find your mind whirling a lot lately? Are you feeling hurried or tired? Many people are just like you. According to the teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong it means it is simply time to come back home in body, mind, and heart. Here are […]

Ask Master Mingtong: What are Healing Intensive Retreats?

Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu’s Intention for Healing Intensive Retreats at The Chi Center The practical benefits of Wisdom Healing Qigong are very spiritual. Qigong brings a spiritual force into the physical dimension of life thereby completing the spiritual purpose of life: transformation, manifestation, and fulfillment. Master Mingtong reports, that from his experience in China, this kind […]

Ask Master Mingtong: How do stress and trauma contribute to disease and pain?

Did you realize that a lifetime of unreleased stress and trauma can contribute to chronic pain, disease, and a loss of vitality as you age? It’s true, but how? And more importantly — is it reversible? According to Qigong wisdom, over the years, we accumulate stress and trauma which causes energetic blockages in our organ […]

Ask Master Mingtong: Can Qigong principles enhance the effectiveness of my medications?

Can energetic principles be used to expand the benefits of medicine? In a word, yes. Many people have a conflicted relationship with pharmaceuticals, medications, and even health supplements. When faced with challenging health conditions, they may think, “I wish I didn’t have to take this medicine, but I must.” Unfortunately, this attitude develops a love-hate relationship […]

Ask Master Mingtong: How Can We Fortify Our Immune Systems?

Fend Off Viral Infections and Heal the Energetic Causes of Auto-Immune Conditions, Cancer, and Other Disease It is always a good time to strengthen your immune system, and there’s never been a more important time than right now!  Your body relies on your immune system to defend it from health issues including acute and chronic conditions — […]