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Whether you are new to Qigong or an experienced practitioner our team of experienced instructors will guide you on a journey towards improved health and well-being.

Master Mingtong conducting Qigong practice at an NYC Retreat.

Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu brings ancient wisdom to the west for better health and consciousness in contemporary times. Named Qigong Master of the Year by the 13th World Congress for Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master Mingtong conducts workshops and retreats at many distinguished institutes, such as Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, the Shift Network, and more. He is the founder of The Chi Center / The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, a beautiful 150-acre retreat center located 20 minutes south of Santa Fe, NM.

Benefits of Qigong

Our Center

With breathtaking views of New Mexico’s landscape, the dazzling sunsets over the western mountains, and vast darkness of the enormous night sky, healing emerges as mind and spirit connect. This is a place where heaven and earth truly meet within you and around you. Our vision to create a center dedicated to integrative healing through Qigong and other modalities is now coming alive in our own new Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions and learn more about Qigong.

What is Qigong?
Qigong is a practice that involves physical movements, controlled breathing, and focused intention. It is often used for health, healing, and relaxation.
What are the benefits of practicing Qigong?
Some potential benefits of practicing Qigong include improved flexibility and balance, increased strength and endurance, improved circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved overall health and well-being.
Who can benefit from Qigong?
Qigong is accessible to all. Everyone can benefit.
Can Wisdom Healing Qigong heal my unique health challenge?
In Wisdom Healing Qigong, the focus remains on wholeness and integration. Instead of “treating” specific symptoms or conditions, we focus on wholeness, visualizing complete well being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – and allowing the chi to move where it is most needed rather than trying to direct it in a specific pathway. That is why we generally do the same practices for every condition – because we’re focused on wholeness, rather than on conditions.
Are all Qigong systems the same?
Many different schools of Qigong have developed over centuries in China with different teachings and practices.

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