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Watch this 2 1/2 minute video to take a journey with Master Mingtong, to experience the essence of our Wisdom Healing Qigong Online Program.


Wisdom Healing Qigong is an ancient practice for health, healing, and wellbeing. You can learn Qigong practices online to help you calm your mind, reduce stress, sleep better, increase your energy, and facilitate healing.

Wisdom Healing Qigong Online allows you to learn and practice at any time, from the convenience of your home — or anywhere with internet access.

Course materials include videos, e-Books, visualization handouts, audio files and much more.

Live-streaming and webinar transmissions from Master Mingtong Gu are specifically orientated to your learning and development.

For Beginners

New Vision: Qigong
For Life Mastery

Awakening Through
Pure Consciousness

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