Hun Yuan Chi: Aligning With Pure Source Energy Through Sound Healing Technologies

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April 18, 2024

Sound healing, an ancient and revered practice within Wisdom Healing Qigong, offers profound benefits not just for physical health, but also for emotional and spiritual well-being. Central to its effectiveness is the concept of Hun Yuan Chi, or the primordial universal energy, which plays a critical role in harmonizing the body’s energy systems. This blog explores how Hun Yuan Chi is activated and utilized through sound healing, enhancing the connection between the individual and the cosmos.

Understanding Hun Yuan Chi

Hun Yuan Chi, or Integrative Oneness Energy, represents the pure, unconditional, and creative energy of the universe. It is considered all-encompassing and multidimensional, existing beyond the physical realm and permeating every aspect of the universe. In the context of Wisdom Healing Qigong, Hun Yuan Chi is the source from which all healing and life force energy flows. This energy is not just around us; it is also within us, forming the very essence of our being and linking us to the broader cosmos.

This profound energy encompasses all physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, yet transcends everything we can name. In the context of Wisdom Healing Qigong, Hun Yuan Chi is seen as an Ocean of Light, Infinite Potential, and the Ultimate Goodness of Life.

Sound healing practices engage Hun Yuan Chi energy to recalibrate and heal, aligning our personal energy fields with the divine blueprint of the universe.

The Role of Sound in Activating Hun Yuan Chi

Sound healing leverages the vibrations created by the human voice to tap into and influence the flow of Hun Yuan Chi within the body. These vibrations resonate with the body’s cells, organs, and energy pathways, aligning them with the frequencies of health, balance, and harmony. By using specific tonal frequencies, practitioners can direct Hun Yuan Chi to areas of the body where there is imbalance or dis-ease, facilitating healing at the most profound levels.

Through the Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing practice, individuals learn to perceive and interact with their bodies as manifestations of Hun Yuan Chi. This approach transcends ordinary sensory perceptions, inviting a deep, energetic relationship with the Hun Yuan Chi energy body. By using sound, practitioners acknowledge and embrace all sensations and energies within, fostering a profound connection without resistance, labels, or narratives.

Tapping into the Energy of Creation

Every individual has the innate ability to directly receive energy from the universe. The more we engage with the energy of creation (Primordial Hun Yuan Chi), the more tangible and accessible it becomes. By consciously connecting with this energy through Qigong practice, we unlock our potential to transform and heal not only ourselves but also our collective environment.

Transformative Practices

Master Mingtong Gu emphasizes, “The more subtle layers of energy we work with, the easier we can change the problem.” This principle is vital in sound healing, where ancient sounds and Qigong movements are used to transform emotional energies—from victimhood to creatorship—enhancing the flow of Hun Yuan Chi and facilitating holistic healing and well-being.

Intentional Vibrations

The practice begins with the intentional creation of sound using the voice. These sounds are not random; they are carefully chosen to correspond with the natural frequencies of the organs and energy centers within the body. As these sounds penetrate the body, they activate Hun Yuan Chi, enhancing its flow and distribution.

Emotional and Physical Harmonization

Since Hun Yuan Chi is the energy of wholeness and harmony, sound healing helps to release emotional blockages and physical ailments. For instance, anxiety, fear, or stress—which are often signs of blocked or unbalanced energy—can be alleviated as Hun Yuan Chi restores equilibrium.

Spiritual Connection

The activation of Hun Yuan Chi through sound not only promotes health but also deepens the practitioner’s spiritual connection to the universe. This enhanced connection fosters a sense of oneness, peace, and well-being that transcends ordinary physical health, touching on deeper spiritual truths and experiences.

Daily Practice

Integrate sound healing into your daily routine to continuously tap into and enhance Hun Yuan Chi. This regular practice not only improves physical health but also elevates emotional and spiritual well-being, aligning you with the universal frequencies of healing and creation. Regular engagement with these techniques helps maintain a steady, harmonious energy flow, reinforcing the body’s natural healing abilities and spiritual connectedness.

Focused Intentions

When practicing sound healing, it’s crucial to set clear, focused intentions. This directs the Hun Yuan Chi, channeled through sound, to achieve specific healing outcomes, whether for physical health, emotional balance, or spiritual awakening.

Mindful Awareness

During sound healing sessions, maintaining a state of mindful awareness enhances the interaction with Hun Yuan Chi. By being fully present and attentive to the sensations and changes within the body, practitioners can better guide the healing process and realize the profound impacts of their practice.

The 3 A’s Framework Applied to Sound Healing

The first step is to ACCEPT:  Allow yourself to fully experience the feelings that are present.  Recognize that you have named those feelings based on a mental concept from the past.  Accept the emotions the story carries. The story that creates negative emotions is a limiting story, often self-projected, based on previous emotional programs that create limiting patterns. When the story arises, gently accept your understanding as a limiting story that may no longer serve you. This simple act will begin to neutralize the effect of the limitation.

The second step is to ACTIVATE: Tune into the energy within your organs, allowing greater access to the healing vibrations of sound. Activate the energy in your body beyond any learned concepts. Energy will move as you feel opening and softening. The more you practice feeling the energy inside your body the easier it becomes to access the healing vibrations of sound. Hold the intention of shifting your emotional state from past pain to present creativity and empowerment while vocalizing the organ sounds. Connect with your heart’s desires, your deepest intentions beyond mental concepts. Use the ancient healing sounds to transform emotions from being of a victim of your past to a creator of now. 

The third step is to APPRECIATE:  Appreciate the present moment and your experience. Appreciate the process of reconnecting with your body, your new awareness of discovery and possibilities, and the potent power you have to transform your own inner being. Appreciation softens, opens, and expands your heart energy even more.


Wisdom Healing Qigong Sound Healing is a powerful technology designed to awaken, transform, and integrate our entire being—from the cellular to the spiritual level.

Hun Yuan Chi is a fundamental aspect of Sound Healing, offering a bridge between physical health and spiritual transcendence.

By aligning our personal energies with Hun Yuan Chi,  we initiate an ancient alchemy of sound technology, key to reshaping our energy patterns from limiting to harmonious and productive flows.  By embracing and actively engaging with Hun Yuan Chi, we open ourselves to a natural, healthy, and balanced state of being that nurtures the body, soothes the mind, and elevates the spirit.   As a result of this activation we experience renewed alignment with the natural blueprint of the cosmos, and profound personal healing.

When you practice sound healing (or any Wisdom Healing Qigong technique), allow yourself to simply feel the presence of energy, the presence of vibration, the presence of energy movement, as well as the presence of energy communication.

We invite you to move toward discovering your entire self as Hun Yuan Chi…

…All the capacities of your mind as Hun Yuan Chi;

…every emotion as Hun Yuan Chi, be it sadness or bliss;

…every aspect of your physical nature, Hun Yuan Chi, including your cells and organs.

Your Hun Yuan Chi is all dimensional and all encompassing. When visualizing a healthy body (yours or someone else’s), think of the entire Being as Hun Yuan Chi. You’ll find that Hun Yuan Chi follows the mind’s intention to realize its transformation through uniting and integrating everything into Oneness.

This practice invites us to discover and experience our Oneness with the universe, transforming how we interact with the world and fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness and peace. Sound healing not only heals us individually; it transforms, connecting us more deeply to the universal fabric of life itself. Through our individual practice of sound healing, we are not just healing ourselves; we are healing humanity.

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