The Frequencies of Emotional Healing

Abstract artwork of two large overlapping hearts in shades of red and orange, set against a textured, distressed background in blues and greens, with small red hearts and white scratch marks, evoking a sense of deep emotional complexity.

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April 23, 2024

Understanding Sound Healing

Sound Healing is an ancient holistic technology that uses vibrations, energy circuits in the body, and frequencies to harmonize life, reduce stress, and improve overall health and well-being.

Even modern scientists* have documented how sound stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, improves circulation, and promotes deep relaxation.

Sound healing, integral to Wisdom Healing Qigong, uses the power of your own voice to activate and transform energy patterns within your body.

Grounded in vibrational science, sound healing reintroduces the correct harmonic patterns to diseased areas throughout the body’s energy systems, using resonance to restore healthful vibrations.

Wisdom Healing Qigong Sound Healing Technologies transcend physical healing… reaching deep into the spiritual and emotional layers of human experience, too.

As practitioners use the sacred sounds to access and harmonize the energy within the cellular memory of their internal organs, they transform emotional disturbances into patterns of peace and empowerment.

Qigong practice fosters a deep connection with Hun Yuan Chi—the primordial life force, leading to the expansion of everyday consciousness, while tapping into a state of union with all that is.

We discover and experience our Oneness with the universe, transforming how we interact with the world and fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness, equanimity, and well-being across all life dimensions.

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VIDEO 1: A Revolutionary Understanding of Happiness and Emotions Through the Ancient Teachings of Qigong

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VIDEO 2: Sound Healing Technologies for Greater Happiness, Health, Peace and Emotional Wellbeing

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VIDEO 3: The Power of the Heart Energy to Transform Mental, Emotional and Physical Challenges

What Modern Experts Have to Say

When in a state of health, our organs create a natural resonant frequency in harmony with the rest of the body. On the other hand, disease creates a disharmonious sound pattern in the diseased area of the body. It is possible, through use of externally created sound that is projected into the diseased area, to reintroduce the correct harmonic pattern… and affect a curative reaction. Through The Principle Of Resonance, sound can be used to change disharmonious frequencies of the body back to their normal, healthful vibrations. – Jonathan Goldman, Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics



All healing occurs from sonic waves or vibrations, specific frequencies of sound, resonating throughout the universe. Human cells use DNA, like radios use antennae, to receive the note vibrations and attune the body’s rhythm to that of the cosmos. He refers to the 528Hz Solfeggio note as“the frequency of love” which not only provides health benefits, but also opens the portals to spiritual transformation. – Leonard Horowitz, DMD



Energy and vibration affect the molecular level where there are seventy different receptors that vibrate to certain frequencies. The vibration at the cellular level opens the chromosomes and exposes the DNA to the frequencies, thus changing our very cellular structure. – Candice Pert, PhD



The seed of the spiritual is found in the physical. In the heart of the cells, in the spiral of the DNA, is written the divine story. When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together , heaven and earth are in resonance. – Fabien Maman, PhD

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