Ask Master Mingtong: How Can I Quiet My Busy Mind?

Published on:

October 12, 2021

4 Steps to Focus the Busy Mind Through Qigong

Do you find your mind whirling a lot lately? Are you feeling hurried or tired? Many people are just like you. According to the teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong it means it is simply time to come back home in body, mind, and heart. Here are four easy steps to start:

1. Relax into this Moment

Qigong is called the gentle practice. Find a quiet place, it can be in an elevator or your car, and whisper the ancient chant, “Hao-la” (pronounced how-lah). This chant translates to: “all is well, and getting better – so be it”. We are opening and calming the mind to accept that we are okay, and the world is okay in this moment.

2. Renew the Body

Qigong is called the moving meditation. The pace of modern life confines us to our desk, our car, and our smart devices. It is time to move the body, gently. Start with the Spinal Bone Marrow Movement from Wisdom Healing Qigong. This gentle Qigong practice increases back flexibility and strength, and improves balance.

3. Release the Stress

Qigong is called the joyful practice. Emotional health is a cornerstone of wellness in Qigong. “When we expand our capacity for joy, then our body, mind and heart moves through life open to more possibility, and not depleted by worry.” Master Mingtong Gu says. Begin to release the stressful effects in your daily life from constant email and newsfeeds by chanting the ancient healing Qigong sound for the heart: “Xin” (pronounced “sheen”).

4. Reconnect with your Best Life

Qigong is called the healing practice. Wisdom Healing Qigong trains us to connect with chi, the life energy in and around us to heal ourselves and heal our world. Start with a morning practice to help focus on well-being and the good works you can do this day.  So, even though your life may feel chaotic, let Qigong help you embrace each moment as a blessing. The good news is you can begin today.  Check out all the online and in-person programs and retreats at

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