What do we mean by Source Energy, and how do we connect to it?

Published on:

August 25, 2023

In one of the Q&A Sessions, Master Mingtong Gu was asked, “What do you mean by SOURCE ENERGY? To which Mingtong replied: “There are three layers of energy or chi:

  1. Internal chi: our personal energy that has been conditioned by our history.
  2. Environmental chi: the energy of people, homes, workplaces, weather and land that influence our lives.
  3. Pure source energy: the unconditioned energy out of which arises all form and formless aspects of life.”

How do we connect with source energy?

All Chi is available – all three levels of chi are available all the time, everywhere. Level 3 transcends and alters Levels 1 and 2, but your experience of Level 3 depends on Level 1. In other words, pure source energy transcends and alters both your internal and environmental chi. And your experience of pure source energy depends upon the state or condition of your internal chi.

“The condition of your internal chi is directly and positively influenced by your Wisdom Healing Qigong practice. Practice allows you to experience the source energy level of Chi that is our truth. Wisdom Healing Qigong practice allows you to experience Truth – now – by effectively “upgrading your personal operating system.”

“In the human realm, emotions are the strongest energies influencing our lives. Ninety percent of our work is learning how to let go of mental boundaries, constrictions, stress, expectations, preferences, and resistance. At the same time, the context of our emotional programming profoundly affects, shapes, and often limits our energy.

“The baseline of your energy determines the baseline of your physical and emotional health – and it becomes a baseline for your life. The cause of healing is when we connect the mind back to the body, awakening the body to Consciousness.

“Addictions arise from internal disconnection, unhappiness, a void, a gap – and when we don’t know how to fill that void. Deep down, this is spiritual, energetic, and emotional dissatisfaction. We develop responses to an emotional need for a quick fix, instant gratification, to feel better now.

“We access the Ocean of Light to release and purify our personal chi because it is capable of absorbing anything. The more you release, the more you are purifying. Connect with this deeper dimension of yourself. Realign every aspect of yourself with Earth and Heaven to experience a greater wholeness of life.You will find when you are able to hold the chi field in this way, you will have a sense of peace and personal empowerment.

“Allow the change. What’s going on is beyond what the conscious mind knows right now.”

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