Access Local And Non-Local Energy. Amplify Nourishment And Connection – Meditation

-Activating accumulative and collective energy for nourishment and healing. Master Mingtong leads a simple practice that allows you to feel greater energy flow within you and greater connection with the energy of life all around you. This Wisdom Healing Qigong Meditation activates consciousness and energy for the benefit of healing, awakening ourselves and others.

Acceptance, Activation, And Appreciation. The 3 A’s To Unblock Energy Flow – Meditation

-Shifting from stagnation and disconnection to openness, flow and connection with wholeness. Master Mingtong introduces The Three A’s, practice, an important teaching framework of Wisdom Healing Qigong. Accepting Activation and Appreciation. Acceptance is turning your mind inward, connecting with your body, discovering the deeper sensations feelings with the intention of accepting what’s happening inside of […]

Acceptance. 3-A’s Practice. Patterns Of Resistance And Judgement Keep Us Stuck – Meditation

Master Mingtong’s meditation focuses on Acceptance, the first of the Three A’s. Acceptance is challenging. A common pattern in this culture is resisting, fighting, judging or running away. We are learning to internally, unconditionally accept, activating the openness of energy of the body, mind and heart, appreciating what’s happening internally. When you accept, embrace what’s […]

Activation. 3-A’s Practice. Loving Kindness Through Sound Healing – Meditation

Master Mingtong introduces the Wisdom Healing Qigong’s sound practice for accessing the energy of the heart. Use the vibration of sound to continuously go deeper into the heart activating loving kindness with deeper openness. These meditation practices are awakening pure awareness, pure consciousness, awakening the energy body as a foundation for life, affecting physical, emotional, […]

Deepening Gratitude And Appreciation For Healing – Meditation

Today’s meditation continues the exploration of appreciation. Master MIngtong invites you to deepen your appreciation, gratitude practice continuously by connecting with your personal vision and goal for health, happiness and deep fulfillment of life. May this meditation open the next step, open the doorway for what is truly important in your life personally, collectively.

What Is Happiness Really? The Qigong Perspective – Meditation

In Qigong, happiness is internal. It does not depend on external circumstances. We experience happiness when the energy of the heart is open. Deeper happiness, long lasting happiness, comes when we connect with our heart energy. This meditation focuses on sounds for the heart. Through these energy practices, you can increase the capacity of your […]