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Research Data, Facts, & Information To Understand Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong

Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong is a popular and effective form of Qigong that has been practiced for many years in China and around the world. It involves a series of gentle movements and meditations that aim to improve the flow of Qi, or energy, in the body. Research has shown that practicing Zhineng Qigong can have a range of health benefits, including reducing stress, improving immune function, and reducing chronic pain. Click on the button below and explore some of the key research data, facts, and information about Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong, so that you can gain a better understanding of this powerful healing practice.

14 Reasons Why Wisdom Healing Qigong Will be More Popular Than Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, and many other practices within 10 years

Many have heard of or engaged in other practices that bear some similarities to Wisdom Healing Qigong, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, mindfulness, sound and vibrational healing, and/or meditation. Some may even have practiced other forms of Qigong. But none of that knowledge or experience quite compares to Wisdom Healing Qigong, which is different in multiple important ways.

Becoming the Cause of Healing

Many students come to Wisdom Healing Qigong and Master Mingtong Gu in search of health and well-being. Often, they are looking for a cure for one or more physical ailments – some mild, many quite significant. Others come with a desire for mental and emotional healing, and others are focused primarily on spiritual awakening.

Most often, however, students arrive with discomfort or physical dis-ease for which they would like relief. In their Qigong healing journeys, they discover that health and well-being involve much more than just ameliorating physical, mental, and/or emotional symptoms. Learn to go beyond the specific challenges that bring most people to their healing journey.

Healing Stories & Testimonials

Real people, real results: learn how Qigong has transformed the lives of others and discover the potential for healing in your own life.

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Remi Remdur
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Jude, Susan, Adriane and Vivi
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Tom L
I’ve been homeless, in and out of darkness and light. Now I am “home”. I may live anywhere now and be “home”. I thank you for this from all that’s in me. I promise from this moment on, to care for my new home as I have cared for my previous “house” here.


It is as if I have been given a star to steer by, rather than being lost at sea!

Stephanie F

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions and learn more about Qigong.

What is Qigong?
Qigong is a practice that involves physical movements, controlled breathing, and focused intention. It is often used for health, healing, and relaxation.
What are the benefits of practicing Qigong?
Some potential benefits of practicing Qigong include improved flexibility and balance, increased strength and endurance, improved circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved overall health and well-being.
Who can benefit from Qigong?
Qigong is accessible to all. Everyone can benefit.
Can Wisdom Healing Qigong heal my unique health challenge?
In Wisdom Healing Qigong, the focus remains on wholeness and integration. Instead of “treating” specific symptoms or conditions, we focus on wholeness, visualizing complete well being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – and allowing the chi to move where it is most needed rather than trying to direct it in a specific pathway. That is why we generally do the same practices for every condition – because we’re focused on wholeness, rather than on conditions.
Are all Qigong systems the same?
Many different schools of Qigong have developed over centuries in China with different teachings and practices.

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