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Recent research reveals that Qigong training:

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What can I expect during Chi Center retreats?

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How do we get energy to flow freely? How do we get more?

Qigong is a form of practice aimed at improving the flow of chi (energy) inside the body, therefore the induction of chi is a main tool used in the practice. Inducing chi means to direct, attract, and absorb the flow of chi within and outside the body. We attract chi to maintain life processes through the exchange of chi with tangible substances like the air we breathe, the food we eat, the things we experience with our senses, and with the universal energy called Hun Yuan Chi. There are three methods of inducing and attracting chi: movement, sound and vibration, and using the mind’s intention.

MOVEMENT ~ Your quality of life correlates with the amount of movement of internal chi blending with external chi. The movements used in Wisdom Healing Qigong unite the mind with chi and attract chi with the mind. The slow movements allow for relaxation as well as an energetic flow. The deep movements allow the opening of energy channels as well as release of pain, blockages, and stress. The mindful movements allow the mind to connect with the body and help quiet the mind’s busy thoughts and mental stress.

SOUND ~ By “chanting” certain sounds, you can induce, attract and mobilize the movement and absorption of chi. Sounds activate energy with higher and deeper vibrations. These sacred sounds allow the opening of energy channels and centers as well as quiet the mind. Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing Method allows you to access the emotional energy in the body’s organs to release and transform the emotional tension and limitation. For example, sound healing can transform fearfulness to carefulness, worry to centeredness, anger to courage, sadness to compassion, and depression to natural joy. Sounds allow you to activate life energy beyond any physical and mental limitation and allow deep connection between your conscious and unconscious minds.

MIND ~ With the mind’s induction of chi through visualization and meditation, you can access the positive and creative power of the mind. Visualization and meditation can access different parts of the brain’s functions beyond linear, left-brain thinking. This practice also cultivates the whole brain and whole body wisdom and connects the mind with feelings through energetic imagery.

Overall, through the integrative approach of movement, sound, visualization and meditation, you can access life energy most fully and integrate the holistic functions of mind, body, and heart. In addition, you can realize the full potential of mindful meditation, prayer, energy psychology, applications of spirituality and quantum physics, the “law of attraction”, and mind-body medicine in general.

Why does Qigong work to heal all disease (both by itself and as a complement to conventional medicine)?

How do the miracles happen?

In the science of Qigong, healing from chronic conditions is not a “miracle” in the way the word is often used. Healing can occur in a spontaneous manner with a quick shift of the mind or as the result of much dedicated practice. We deliberately activate our miracles with proven practices and our engaged consciousness.

“What is a Miracle? It is the realization of the impossible to be possible and doable. Qigong is a science of NATURAL miracles. The chi field of group synergy can greatly amplify the effect.” – Mingtong Gu

At the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Recovery Center, known as the medicine-less Qigong hospital in China (see more info below), three keys were found essential for activating the true potentials of Qigong: consistent practice, accessing the collective and cumulative chi field, and the true power of teachers and healers. Your practice can nourish your life energy in a sustainable way. A strong chi field can amplify the benefits exponentially. True teachers and healers can assist you to deepen your connection within and realize your true potential.

At the medicine-less Qigong hospital everyone was dedicated to healing, thus a powerful healing community formed, and each person’s progress was everyone’s progress. Massive group healings and practices were daily events. Everyone participated, even if on a stretcher or in a wheelchair. Everyone was blessed by the strong intention for healing and the deep desire to live and become vital and strong. Those that had already healed, or gained more strength, helped others or became teachers.

The most effective practices were shared widely and practiced for hours at a time. Caregivers assisted with the severely disabled in this residential experience. When a student arrived, they went through a battery of medical evaluations to determine their condition. Then they engaged deeply with the practices and teachings for twenty-four days. Then another set of tests was conducted. From this came the amazing percentages of documented changes.

With this deep dedication many became powerful healers and the rates of healing grew greater and greater as the healing chi field grew stronger and stronger. The cumulative benefits of this experience are now available to us as we continue the lineage of healing through Master Mingtong Gu, Dr. Pang, and our own dedication.

What are the essential practices?

Wisdom Healing Qigong has several levels of practice and is a complete and open system of Qigong. These practices represent a radically different technology which is offered to awaken, transform, and integrate our entire chi body–from the cellular to the spiritual– returning us to our natural, healthy, and balanced state of being. This technology re-patterns the physical, emotional and mental/ spiritual energy that is not flowing freely and is experienced as pain and suffering, into energy that is flowing freely, bringing forth natural states of happiness, compassion, openness, and wholeness. In Level I, we begin with:

What did the research in China find?

In the 1980s, and 1990s, as Dr. Pang was developing the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Recovery Center, known around the world as the medicine-less Qigong hospital, considerable scientific research — some 3,000 research papers — were published. In two decades, the Center treated more than 200,000 patients. This sample of the 2,088 people was taken during a three month period in 1998 at the Center. From this group the following impressive results were documented:

Cured: 731 (35.01% ); Very Effective: 488 (23.37%); Effective: 863 (41.28%); No Effect: 6 (0.29%);The total Effective rate was 97% (See the chart at the bottom of this page for more detail.)

Healing Experiments in China

Among the many styles of Qigong, Zhineng Qigong is one of the most powerful. Translated literally, Zhineng Qigong means “Cultivating Wisdom Energy”. In the 1980s, Grandmaster Dr. Pang founded the world’s largest medicine-less hospital known as Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Recovery Center (a.k.a. The Center).

Patients admitted to The Center were initially diagnosed by medical professionals and then assigned to Qigong teachers. After twenty-four days of stay and daily practice, they were given a battery of medical tests.

Patients were enrolled at The Center as students to learn the art of self-healing. Students graduated not only as physically healthy or recovering persons but also as much happier and integrated beings. The Center trained thousands of Zhineng Qigong teachers and many master teachers. Most of them have chosen to dedicate their lives to teaching and sharing Zhineng Qigong healing.

Through enormous scientific research (3,000 research papers were published during the 1990s), and more than twenty years of experimentation with Qigong healings, Wisdom Healing Qigong has developed into a scientific system of working with energy to activate healing and improve life. Dr. Pang has published more than thirteen books, offering this cultural treasure to the world.

Healing Research in China

Over the course of two decades subsequent to the Center’s inception:

Experiments conducted at The Center, or medicine-less Qigong hospital, in China identified the main contributing factors to the effectiveness of Qigong healing:

At The Center, there were many cases of spontaneous healing simply from a handshake with Dr. Grandmaster Pang. There were hundreds of recorded cases of spontaneous weight loss of twenty pounds or more, wheelchair-bound students that walked, recovery of hearing, and so on. In Master Mingtong Gu’s own direct experience of working with 31 students, he observed cases of total recovery from leukemia and other cancers, chronic pain, insomnia, and endocrine imbalances.

Spontaneous healing from transmission strongly depends on the receptivity of the student, and is often more effective if the person practices Qigong diligently. The informational energetic structure of a healing chi field can facilitate and greatly strengthen the healing process for students and the more conscious the participation, the more powerful the healing.

It should be noted that there are also some cases of people who experienced direct healing in a strong chi field without participating in it. That is, they were not consciously activating the chi field and sometimes did not even believe in the Qigong technology, and yet, were still healed.

What happened to the medicine-less hospital?

Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong was promoted by the Chinese government as one of the most effective forms of Qigong. While the government found Qigong very valuable for dramatically reducing healthcare costs for their population, they were also wary of the large numbers of people gathering together. In the year 2000, it was outlawed for people to practice Qigong together in numbers greater than one hundred at a time. Since by this time the numbers at the medicine-less Qigong hospital had grown to 5,000, Dr. Pang thought it best to disperse and trust his teachings to his trained teachers (such as Mingtong Gu who had trained in his two year Qigong Master program) to carry out to the world.

Can we duplicate the medicine-less hospital in the U.S.?

Mingtong Gu is mindfully, step by step, creating a Western model of the medicine-less Qigong hospital concept and finding the same profound results when students apply themselves with dedication. A Western evolution of the medicine-less Qigong hospital is on its way. Meanwhile Western science has been progressively discovering the same quantum mind-body principles underlying the teaching of Qigong. Together we are part of this collective journey.

In 2005, Master Gu began with a five-day Healing Intensive Retreat designed to activate the same energetic practices, teachings and experiences he had in China. Now, from five to thirty-day retreats are available for deep immersion in the healing chi field. The many, many miracles of healing happening during these retreats are shared in video clips on the Chi Center web site ( These stories, and the ones in the book 101 Miracles of Natural Healing, can inspire your vision, dedication and practice.

Just as Dr. Grandmaster Pang started with ten students in the early 1970s and inspired millions of practitioners within two decades, Master Mingtong Gu started with small classes and has expanded into a global program with thousands of online participants and sold-out retreats around the world. Our vision to create a center dedicated to integrative healing through Qigong and other modalities is now coming alive in The Chi Center’s new facility near Santa Fe, New Mexico — The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Is there research on The Chi Center’s retreats?

Yes! In 2015, we began our own modest efforts to document the transformation that we were witnessing at each and every Healing Intensive Retreat. Our first two-week pilot study used pre-, mid-, and post-retreat self-reporting questionnaires, focusing on chronic pain, well-being, and distress (including depression and anxiety). Careful appraisal of any symptom changes was also reported.

The data was scored by an outside research organization and demonstrated that 94% of Retreat participants improved in terms of well-being and distress levels (including depression and anxiety) and 89% improved significantly. The scoring of the data also showed an Effect Size (severity adjusted) of 1.89, indicating that the results of the Retreat were considered highly effective. In fact, in the statistical world, 0.8 is generally regarded as highly effective; 1.89 is more than twice that! Chronic pain levels also reduced significantly over the course of the two week Retreat.

Pilot studies of subsequent Retreats have demonstrated comparable remarkable results, while the studies of weekly classes, conducted by psychologist and research coordinator, Dr. Ilka de Gast, have similarly shown positive results. We continue to explore additional options to investigate and document the amazing experiences of dramatically new levels of health, happiness, and well-being that come with participation in The Chi Center’s Healing Intensive Retreats and subsequent dedicated practice. All Wisdom Healing Qigong protocols were developed by Master Mingtong Gu.

In addition to the pilot studies and future research, THe Chi Center website and YouTube channel are full of healing “miracle” stories of people just like you healing from all sorts of conditions.

Pilot Study based on a Two-Week Retreat led by Master Mingtong Gu

Change in Well-being and Global Distress scores including Depression and Anxiety

Quotes from Retreat Participants in the Pilot Study

Participant with HIV, anxiety and headaches: “Feeling relaxed, peace of mind, headache relieved.”

Participant with cancer and depression: “Before I came I worried about dying 100 times per day, now I’m focused on living.”

Participant with sluggishness from hypothyroid and joint pain in hip and knees: “Feel the blockage in my left thyroid has cleared – no pressure there. My hip is totally pain free and knees are mostly pain free.”

Who would benefit from Wisdom Healing Qigong?

You can benefit if you are:

Wisdom Healing Qigong is beneficial for people with all types and levels of health challenges, or those with great interest in realizing their innate capacities for healing and transformation.

How do we bring these beautiful ideas into our personal lives and practice?

Master Mingtong Gu: “I enable and empower students to realize and activate their deep hidden resources and healing ability.

“First, I help students shift their minds from a state of hopelessness, victimization, and stressfullness to a state of openness, relaxation, creativity, and proactive and choice-oriented empowerment. With experiential, somatic processes students realize the possibility of NOW — taking them from their paradigm of impossibilities to a paradigm of possibilities.

“Second, I teach students the method prescribed by the medicine-less Qigong hospital in China, where it has been used for more than 200 kinds of diseases and with more than 200,000 people for more than two decades with a 95% success rate. This method involves gentle movement, visualization, sound, and meditation.

“Thirdly, I use the group synergy and collective energy field – the chi field – as a support as well as source of healing power that goes beyond any individual and is available for everyone participating.

“Naturally, it creates a safe container where students can fully dedicate their intention and commitment to this deep process of transformation: making the impossible possible.

“We, at the Chi Center, also provide the continuous support of sustainable practice through ongoing programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico and globally through online courses and materials available through the Chi Center online store.

“I have personally experienced total recovery from asthma, scoliosis and low back pain. I have witnessed hundreds of recoveries from all kinds of physical illnesses in China and the United States.

“It is very satisfying for me to see people’s lives transform through this practice, even in just ten days at a Wisdom Healing Qigong retreat. Some students are released from ten to thirty years of migraines and other types of chronic pain. Students shift into states of calmness and joy after years of depression. Some heal from severe emotional trauma. Many regain life and health after years of Lyme disease and autoimmune diseases. Some are able to release cancers and tumors and return to their normal lives after being under the care of hospice. Many, including health professionals, have recovered from trauma, stress and burnout. “

“Changes for health, happiness and peace start with you and me making a new, conscious, beneficial choice!” —Master Mingtong Gu

Is Mingtong Gu the real deal?

Mingtong is full of vitality, wisdom, and skill. He is a real healer and the practices he teaches can change your life.

~ Jack Kornfield (A leading meditation teacher, author, and co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Insight Meditation)

Master Mingtong Gu creates an energy field that is truly healing. I personally know three friends who, after years of seemingly insurmountable health problems, have regained their vitality and been transformed through their work with him. He’s the real deal.

~ James Baraz (Author: Awakening Joy, Spirit Rock Meditation Center teacher, Buddhist Peace Fellowship board.)

Many people I know personally have benefited greatly from their work with Mingtong Gu. He not only promotes healing through transmission, he teaches people how to heal themselves. How wonderful this is!

~ Lama Palden (First Western woman to be authorized as a Lama in the Vajrayana tradition.)

Master Mingtong Gu has brought a level of transmission of mind-body practice that is unparalleled in my experience. Since making these teachings available to patients in my medical practice, they have become healthier and happier.

~ Brian Bouch, M.D. (Founder of Hill Park Medical Center, UCLA School of Medicine.)

I came away from a twelve-day retreat with Mingtong filled with a wonderful sense of aliveness, wakefulness, and openheartedness. Mingtong is a compassionate healer, a wise teacher and a real force for transformation in today’s world.

~ Tara Brach, Ph.D. (Clinical psychologist, meditation teacher.)

Study Data

Efficacy Statistics from the Zhineng Medicine-less Hospital in China where Master Mingtong Gu received his training.

Studies conducted by Ilka de Gast, PsyD using Wisdom Healing Qigong protocols developed by Master Mingtong Gu focusing on: chronic pain, well-being / global distress, depression and anxiety.

STUDY #1: Based on an 8-week class conducted by Ilka de Gast, PsyD

Change in Well-being and Global Distress over the last three weeks of class

  • Week of 7/22/15
    67% improvement (46% significant improvement)
  • Week of 7/29/15
    77% improvement (62% significant improvement)
  • Week of 8/5/15
    83% improvement (58% significant improvement)

STUDY #2: Based on a 2-week retreat led by Master Mingtong Gu

Change in Well-being and Global Distress over the 2-week Healing Retreat
Well-being / Global Distress Scores (including depression and anxiety)

  • 94% Improvement
  • 89% Significant Improvement

Data was scored by an outside organization:

Quotes from Participants and Healing Stories

“My leg pain has gone, and other symptoms are subsiding.” “I am in touch with my body and my self-confidence has soared… I am a lot calmer, and I have experienced true inner peace. I feel re-born!”

~ Participant with leg, feet and hand tightness and pain for past one year and a half

“Release of fear, anxiety and self protection patterns I’ve been holding on to since childhood.”

~ Participant with cancer

“Decreased headaches… less hypersensitivity overall – This is so huge!” “Shoulder pain gone! Two weeks of WHQ did what 5 months of PT, chiropractic, and home exercises didn’t touch!!”

~ Participant with headaches, Lyme Disease, torn rotator cuff

“Feel the blockage in my left thyroid has cleared – no pressure there.” “My hip is totally pain free and my knees are mostly pain free.”

~ Participant with sluggishness from hypothyroid and joint pain in hip and knees

“Feeling relaxed, peace of mind, headache relieved.”

~ Woman with HIV, anxiety and headaches

“Shoulder and back pain have subsided, my energy is more fluid.”

~ Man with HIV, depression and chronic pain

Come Back to Life - A Remarkable Healing Story

After 50 years of twenty-first-century living, I experienced a transient ischemic attack that temporarily caused paralysis of the left side of my body. I quickly recovered my ability to move, but was left with deeper injuries that would not heal.

After a year of conventional medical treatments for physical and cognitive failings, specialists told me it was time to apply for disability. Even after another year of treatments from complementary and alternative healers, I was still not able to function well enough to return to work.

Miraculously I was able to I attended a weeklong healing retreat with Master Mingtong Gu that completely turned my condition around. Mingtong’s advice as to why to attend a retreat: “To develop confidence.” Translation: I could learn ways to quiet my fear-ridden mind, stabilize my traumatized and depressed emotions, and heal my injured body.

At my first retreat last year, I actually believed I was dying. My nervous system was a mess, with countless outward symptoms. Vascular swelling everywhere. I couldn’t eat; my digestive system had fallen apart. My mind was a raging mess. It was a complex of conditions the doctors couldn’t diagnose.

I began the retreat feeling that my body was dying, and left a week later with confidence and hope. I learned powerful, basic tools to continue my healing journey at home, and registered for The Chi Center’s on-line learning programs available 24/7.

Now I’m one year out, and I don’t recognize that person, my husband doesn’t recognize me, Mingtong didn’t recognize me. And I feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Fifty years of dealing with accumulated trauma. But these are just little things compared to Wisdom Healing Qigong practice. I feel like now I am always learning, always learning…

Jeraldine Peterson-Mark, LMT, RCST®