14 Reasons Why Wisdom Healing Qigong Will be More Popular Than Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, and many other practices within 10 years

“Healing is about awakening our inter-constructiveness in all levels: personal, generational, cultural, planetary and universal.”

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“Wisdom Healing Qigong… nope, never heard of it.”

For several decades, the mission of Wisdom Healing Qigong has been to bring the joy, peace, and scientifically proven healing potential of Zhineng Qigong to the Western world.

And yet, the problem has been how to engage people’s interest in something they don’t even know exists — and how to help them gain an understanding of what they can achieve through this powerful practice for healing… as well as spiritual awakening.

The traditional lineage of Qigong traces back five thousand years or more, yet for the majority of its history these teachings and practices were only shared by the chosen few, such as noble families and spiritual leaders. Very few everyday people knew of its existence, even in the regions where it originated. And Wisdom Healing Qigong is an even less well-known system than Qigong in general.

So today, the vast majority of Westerners have never heard of Wisdom Healing Qigong at all.

Many have heard of or engaged in other practices that bear some similarities to Wisdom Healing Qigong, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, mindfulness, sound and vibrational healing, and/or meditation. Some may even have practiced other forms of Qigong. But none of that knowledge or experience quite compares to Wisdom Healing Qigong, which is different in multiple important ways.

There’s now a growing awareness of a variety of types of energy work and its healing potential. Which is great news, but we’re not at the point yet where Wisdom Healing Qigong is well known.

One day, though, Wisdom Healing Qigong will become the most well known, the most recognized, and (this is the truly important thing) the most practiced of them all.

Here’s why…

1: Wisdom Healing Qigong is Easier than Yoga

One of the things that puts some people off engaging in eastern practices like Yoga is the fact that there are many moves and poses to learn, some of which are quite tricky to do. They require good balance, strong muscles, and lots of flexibility… otherwise you end up collapsing in a heap on the floor.

But anybody can practice Wisdom Healing Qigong, and any body can handle the movements involved. For a start, many of the practices we teach are normally done sitting down. Even for those that are typically carried out while standing, you can sit or lie down if you prefer.

If your range of movement is limited due to illness or injury, you can do each movement to the degree you feel comfortable with. If you’re unable to move at all, you can even practice the movements in your mind! We have had people attend our healing retreats who simply visualized their participation in our practice, and still benefited from its healing effects.

In as little as half an hour a day, you can begin reaping the benefits of these practices for yourself — without straining a muscle, tripping yourself up, or feeling exhausted.

2: Wisdom Healing Qigong is Simpler than Tai Chi

If you’ve ever seen a Tai Chi class in action, then you’ll know it looks quite beautiful. A group of people all performing the same graceful movements together with perfect synchronization… all, that is, except for the beginners at the edge of the group who are struggling to keep up and to remember what they should do next.

Many people find Tai Chi’s lengthy practice routines bewilderingly complex and difficult to memorize. So they give it their best effort for a few weeks or even months, but sooner or later many quit their Tai Chi class simply because they are still struggling to master the basic routines. Some say it feels more like a dance class than a wellness class — and so instead of inner peace and energy, they experience the stress of worrying about which move is coming up next.

Wisdom Healing Qigong is very different because the moves are simple, with no long choreographed routines to memorize. And from the moment you begin Wisdom Healing Qigong practice, every move you make is designed to unblock and recharge your energy, so that you feel real benefits very quickly.

(Want to experience the ease and simplicity of Wisdom Healing Qigong for yourself? Click here for access to free practice and teaching sessions on YouTube.)

3: Wisdom Healing Qigong Provides the Perfect Amount of Challenge — Because it's Adaptable to Your Capacity

Although it’s easier than Yoga and simpler than Tai Chi, Wisdom Healing Qigong is challenging to just the right level. Not too little (otherwise you’d get bored and quit). And not too much (otherwise you’d get exhausted and quit).

When you’re just getting started, nothing is too difficult to learn or do. Repetition is the key to unlocking the full benefits of each practice. And when you’ve gotten used to the essential practices, it’s easy to increase the difficulty level bit by bit so that you continue to grow and develop by challenging your mind and body just enough to reap the rewards.

4: Wisdom Healing Qigong Adds Power to Meditation

A growing number of people today practice meditation while sitting or lying completely still. This is no doubt beneficial, but the movements of Wisdom Healing Qigong could help to raise your energy — because achieving deep meditation can be more difficult if your body is in a state of low energy.

Many also view meditation as a mental practice rather than a spiritual one. Yet, when cut off from its spiritual side, the meditation experience is diminished and the outcomes are less far-reaching. It is a great shame to reduce meditation to a thought exercise when it was always intended to be a full-body, full-spirit experience!

By adding Wisdom Healing Qigong’s holistic practices to cultivate health and peace for your body, mind, heart, and spirit, your meditations will be more powerful and more effective so that you experience greater rewards.

5: Wisdom Healing Qigong is Mindfulness, Embodied

Mindfulness has become a popular concept these days. But Wisdom Healing Qigong practice, at its core, gives you more than mindfulness. It encourages and cultivates a greater mind-body shift from mundane levels of existence into a state of Pure Consciousness.

Simple mindfulness focuses on conscious awareness of self and surroundings, and this is an excellent first step. Pure Consciousness goes deeper, because it is a state in which the mind itself becomes self-aware. And then, by integrating this Pure Consciousness into your body and your everyday life, you learn to live in a state of continuous mindfulness and embodiment of that pure state of being truly yourself.

6: Wisdom Healing Qigong is Self-Empowerment

The power you develop by practicing Wisdom Healing Qigong goes far beyond physical strength, stamina, and suppleness. It even goes beyond mental clarity and psychological resilience, to deep energetic and spiritual levels of your being.

Through Wisdom Healing Qigong you access the ability to empower yourself by continuously refueling your energies, and knowing how to make effective use of those energies so that you may live a life of abundance and grace.

You become able to heal yourself from within, and you also become able to help heal the families and communities around you — even to heal the world we live in. This is true self-empowerment, and once developed, it can never be taken away from you.

7: Wisdom Healing Qigong is Powerful Medicine... And Scientifically Proven to Work!

Many activities can have healing effects, from walking to crafting to spending time in nature. The major difference between these potentially therapeutic activities and Wisdom Healing Qigong is that Wisdom Healing Qigong was designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive system of healing energy work.

It is literally created to empower your healing abilities and fill you with energy. So every single practice, every move, every sound, every visualization and meditation is engineered to benefit your health and wellbeing. In fact, much of Wisdom Healing Qigong’s modern form was developed by a physician, Dr. Pang, who combined Western scientific principles with Eastern energetic principles at his “medicine-less hospital” in China.

And a multitude of scientific studies have now confirmed the benefits of Qigong for physical and mental health, ranging from stress reduction and blood pressure regulation, to improved sleep and increased energy levels, to heightened effectiveness of the immune system.

8: Wisdom Healing Qigong Cultivates Flow

The simple, focused repetition of core practices in Wisdom Healing Qigong allows you to truly let go of everything else, creating a flow experience like no other. Instead of constantly questioning and distracting yourself with thoughts like “What should I do now? Am I breathing right? Do I look silly? Should it feel like this?”… you’re immersed in the experience itself.

You simply are. You simply do. You simply flow. And the benefits of this state of flow are immeasurable, including stress reduction, increased creativity, and feelings of deep wellbeing.

9: Wisdom Healing Qigong is for Anybody (& Every Body)

Thanks to its focus on beginning at the beginning — with your own energy flow, accessed through simple paths such as your thoughts and your breath — Wisdom Healing Qigong requires no prior experience, no special equipment, and very little training to start getting real, tangible results.

Anybody and everybody can make use of this age-old healing technology. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what shape you’re in, where you live, or what diagnosis you do or don’t have! Even after learning only a few of the most basic Wisdom Healing Qigong practices, and practicing them only a few times, you will begin to unlock and replenish your internal energies. After a little more instruction, you’ll be able to access the state of Pure Consciousness I mentioned earlier, and embody your truest self in all that you do.

10: Wisdom Healing Qigong is All About Energy

The qi (also spelled chi) of Wisdom Healing Qigong is the natural life energy that fuels all of us and makes up everything around us. By awakening to, accessing, and engaging with this energy as an individual, as well as tapping into the collective energy generated by the chi field of a group of people, you become a conscious part of the energy network that spans our entire Universe.

And by releasing energy patterns that have become locked-in and stagnant, you release pain and suffering, release long-held stress and trauma, and release unhelpful thoughts and habits. Free-flowing chi is the fuel for your healing.

11: Wisdom Healing Qigong is Spiritual Development You Can Integrate into Daily Life

The practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong are not only good for you physically, emotionally, and mentally. They are also of enormous spiritual benefit — regardless of your religious beliefs, faith system, or heritage traditions.

This unified energy work and spirit work is the fuel for your life’s evolution. It is the fuel for your self-empowerment and self-actualization. With energy and spirit working together, you experience the oneness of all life and embody your higher self.

12: Wisdom Healing Qigong Complements ANY Other Healing Modality or Treatment Regimen

There is literally no therapy or treatment in the world that cannot be combined with Wisdom Healing Qigong. This is a complementary system that enhances the effect of every other therapeutic practice or medical regimen. It has zero no side effects — unless you consider increased energy, peace, and happiness a side effect! So you can use it while taking medications (should you continue to need them), you can use it while in hospital, you can use it while recovering from illness or surgery.

Wisdom Healing Qigong is also a complete system of healing and wellbeing that can stand alone without requiring any other practices to supplement it. And the real beauty of this system is that once learned, it will benefit you for a lifetime — anywhere and everywhere, no matter your physical, mental, or spiritual state. So even if you are not located close to a Wisdom Healing Qigong class or teacher, you can maintain and improve your wellness through solo practice and through connecting to the collective energy field of other practitioners around the world.

13: Wisdom Healing Qigong is a Swift and Effective Path to Wellbeing

Because if is easier than Yoga, simpler than Tai Chi, challenging to just the right degree, lots of fun, complements all other healing modalities, embodies mindfulness, cultivates self-empowerment and flow, and combines energy and spirit in perfect unity, Wisdom Healing Qigong provides a faster way to connect with the healing and wellbeing you seek.

Instead of spending months getting to grips with complicated exercise routines or holding yourself to special diets, just a few weeks spent practicing Wisdom Healing Qigong for as little as half an hour a day will see you enjoying greater health, healing. and wellbeing faster than you expected. And once your journey to wellness has begun, the benefits continue to build and grow the more you practice!

14: Wisdom Healing Qigong is FUN!

No matter how good for you any activity might be… you’re always more likely to continue doing it day after day if it is also lots of fun.

We’re sure that Yoga, Tai Chi, and other activities are also fun for those who enjoy them — and the energy work and spiritual freedom of Wisdom Healing Qigong brings with it an element of playfulness and childlike joy that’s hard to beat! You’ll even find us breaking into free-form dancing during some practices!

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Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu is one of the World’s Leading Practitioners of Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong. He brings his joyful spirit, uplifting teachings, and extensive mastery to his intention to train others to expand wisdom and energy. He has mastered the unique ability to lead the collective energy field to accelerate personal and global healing.

As a Qigong Master, Teacher, and Healer based on his success working with people of all ages with many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges, Master Mingtong founded the Wisdom Healing Qigong method to make Zhineng Qigong accessible to Western lifestyles and cultures and to benefit people around the world.

Now, for more than twenty years, he has continued to trust his life-calling and do everything possible to share the amazing gift of Qigong he received, practiced, and mastered. In order to realize his vision of long-term health and happiness for all, he developed The Chi Center to create and teach a complete lifelong-learning mastery program online, along with an organization of teachers, executives, and support staff to sustain and grow his vision.

And, in 2016 he purchased and renovated a beautiful retreat center just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico — the only center in the West to be solely dedicated to healing and awakening through Qigong.

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