-Meditation for Opening the three invisible energy gates.
The Earth Gate at the bottom of the feet connects us with the subtle energy of Mother Earth. The Heavenly Gate at the top of the head connects us to the invisible energy of the universe. The Human Gate in the palms connecting internal and external energy. The energy gates activating the deeper flow as well the external connection with earth, and with the universe above.


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  1. Karen Bauer

    Beautiful! Easily felt the Earth and Celestial energies entering my body, mixing and greeting one another, nourishing every level of existence. So easy to do, people with no experience should find it easy. I will pass this along to my patients ( I practice Taoist acupuncture & herbal medicine).

    Hao La!

  2. Les

    Thankyou for all the deep wholesome practices that infuse my bodies with life. Thank you for introducing the concept of intimacy to heaven, the earth, and all life around me.

  3. Gisele

    Looking forward to your special meditations with much gratitude.

  4. Lisa

    Opening my eyes at the end, I was smiling – inside and out. What a beautiful meditation, opening my eyes to greater beauty of my world. <3

    • Janeil Smith

      I really enjoyed this meditation. Thank you Janeil


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