Here’s a sneak peak of Master Mingtong’s new meditation series that will start in early 2020.

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We are delighted for you to join in the Chi Center’s first Qigong meditation in our brand new series titled, Weekly Meditations with Master Mingtong Gu.

In this new weekly meditation series Master Mingtong Gu guides you through Qigong meditations for healing, transformation and awakening.

These meditations are about helping you connect to the beautiful qualities of Universal energy to improve the quality of our personal lives, our families, our communities, and our collective humanity.

This first meditation in the series is an introduction to Wisdom Healing Qigong as well as a guided meditation called Setting the Chi Field. In this meditation you will connect to the healing energy of the earth and the cosmos for creating inner peace, health and happiness. Enjoy!

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  1. Lauren

    Thank you, that was a very beautiful gift for me to start qigong with. Haola from Bavaria in Germany.

    • Christine Dennett

      Thank you so much. I have a couple of his DVDs I use for Chi practice.
      I love and admire the connection I have gained through his teaching.

    • Mary

      Looking forward to it

  2. hannah neiger

    Thank you very much.

  3. patrick wolfe

    just when i felt things could not get worse/my mother died.i keep listeningto your meditations.thankyou.

  4. Dr. Peter

    Looking very forward to this experience

  5. Gerhard Thill

    Ist time meditation thank you ?

  6. Lori Munn

    Thank You – Enjoyed it very MUCH~~~Haola from AZ.

  7. Lisa

    Sooooo good. Thank you. ❤️?

  8. Gisele

    Thank you Master MINGTONG GU! Lovely introduction. Looking forward to this special journey together. HAOLA!

  9. Helen

    Haola – Thank you for the gift and for your teachings. I had the pleasure of going to an evening with you in Perth. I have been trying to do your 100 day Gong for over a year and get to 80 or 90 days and miss a day and have to start again but I will get there . HYLT

  10. Menglooi

    Thankyou Master Mingtong and your team for being so generous with your love, knowledge and skills to carry on imparting to all of us who cannot afford to attend to your sessions but still gets it later your know-how! Very grateful to be remembered by you, especially, Master Mingtong….your smile with unconditional love reaches us through the Universe!!Hoala!!! I’m am from the UK now and one day I pray I can be at your Chi Center to have a retreat in that beautiful setting that you have created!

    • stephaniep@chicenter

      Thank you Menglooi for your kind words. We look forward for the day that you can come to the Center in Santa Fe.

  11. Kaija

    Haola, Thank you fo r sharing your teachings with the universe.
    I have been sharing in the meditations for China. Haola


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