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Listen to his healing journey with Wisdom Healing Qigong and find out what he's doing now

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After seven years of extreme health turmoil, I thought I was done. But now I’m coming back to Life!

Life had been good to Tom until his early 50’s. When his early success in commercial real estate started feeling hollow, he found more satisfaction as a successful business coach. While his hard work brought reward to himself and others, he felt the stress building underneath. Then his body exploded.

For seven years he battled multiple attacks of extreme proportion – first, a black mold infection sending “electrical storms in my brain”, then Lyme disease, fused spinal vertebrae, stage III lymphoma requiring chemo, then a gall bladder attack, followed by surgery.

He was down to 135 pounds, and the pain surged through his back, and down his legs. “Stanford doctors told me … I was on the maximum dose of oxycontin they could give a human being, and they couldn’t do anything more for me. I wanted to die.”

A friend introduced him to meditation, which helped with his thoughts and helped a bit managing pain. He tried Qigong and liked movement meditation. He looked up the teacher he had been exposed to… but no workshops.

“So I looked on the internet, and I found this crazy looking Qigong guy that laughed a lot.”

Tom’s first reaction was.. “Anything but this.” Yet there was something about it that drew him in. So he signed up for a workshop with Master Mingtong Gu, thinking “I didn’t have anything to lose. When wheelchaired to the airport, my family thought I had really lost it.”

“I almost left after the first three days of the workshop. Then it started to happen, first with the opening of my back with the Spinal Bone Marrow movement.

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But the big thing for me was sound healing. When I got down to the energetic level in my body, I started to lift the layers and feel myself shake when I was working in the different organs. It was transformative.

I finally got to a fundamental way to start releasing the energy that was inside my body that was driving the ideation that was in my mind. That was the huge breakthrough that changed my life.

It changed my personality. I previously spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on doctors that didn’t take insurance, but Wisdom Healing Qigong was the only thing that really worked.

The meditation had helped me manage my pain, but this has given me the physical, emotional and spiritual support that supports me to get well.”

Sixty-year-old Tom attended a 2016 Wisdom Healing Qigong Healing Intensive Retreat. His life-long anxiety was the fundamental issue and root cause of many layers of ill-health for him. During his daily intensive practice, he released blockages that opened him to deeper levels of physical, emotional, and energetic healing.

As Tom says: “I’m coming back to a life that I never thought I’d have ever again. There’s nothing better than getting a second chance in life.”

You can see Tom share his transformational experience in his 5-minute video story at the link below.

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