Intergenerational & Planetary Transformation through Sound Healing, Prayer, & Ritual

Did you know you have a superpower that can transform personal and planetary suffering into peace and joy?

Well, you do…

It might be more subtle than leaping tall buildings or moving objects with your mind, but we were each born with the ability to use sounds to heal and shift negative emotions into positive ones.

However, as we grew up, most of us forgot how to use this powerful talent in an effective way.

All ancient traditions have had rituals which contain sound — like chanting, singing, prayers, and drumming — and provide them a direct connection with the universal energy which is far bigger than our problems.

And at this critical point in history, we must call upon ALL of our sacred tools and practices to change our trajectory.

According to multiple prophecies of indigenous people the world over, this is a time of major transformation and renewal of consciousness, a time that is pivotal for our common well-being and the survival of the human race.

Global economic challenges, political turmoil, and undeniable environmental collapse require a radically different way of relating to each other and the planet on which we live.

In fact, because the signs of these prophecies are rising to the surface now indigenous communities from all over the planet overlooked their differences and came together — united in Oneness — to resist the “black snake” pipeline at Standing Rock.

Right now, our global family is experiencing great pain and discord, but it’s essential to remember that most causes, and solutions, to suffering start with the self….

In this day and age, there is an increasing disconnection between our minds and our hearts. And when this happens, we not only suffer internally, we often direct our pain outward energetically. This might show up in the physical world bodies as someone yelling at their kids, or others in great power may escalate violence against people they perceive as “others.”

Similarly, from the fields of both science and spirituality, we know that global change begins within each individual and ripples out. Collective change is the manifestation of the energy of transformation reaching critical mass (1% of Earth’s population becomes a tipping point).

The field of consciousness and energy on planet Earth is a collaborative, accumulative, and co-creative life force. When you make a positive change in your life or community, it impacts the greater world.

Fortunately, nature gifted us with sound technology which re-patterns blocked physical, emotional and mental/spiritual energy — experienced as pain and suffering — into energy which flows freely, bringing forth natural states of happiness, compassion, openness and clarity.

In fact, sound can heal traumas passed down intergenerationally. For example, if your grandmother was a Holocaust survivor, you may experience residual anxieties carried in your genes which show up in your life as “fight or flight” in your body.

From ancient Qigong perspectives, emotions are an energetic experience in the organs, rather than a feeling arising from the brain. And sacred sounds taught in this practice access the deep energy patterns within the organs, harmonizing them and creating new, healthy and stable emotional patterns.

So if for example, you’re experiencing anxiety passed down from your family or ancestors, you might want to focus on sounds which change the vibrations of your liver which is associated with fear.

Disease or trauma is energy being expressed in unhealthy patterns. And we can use simple sound practices to bring high quality, vibrational healing to any condition or emotional state, and facilitate a state of health and harmony. It’s also applicable to any conflict or concern — whether personal, in your workplace or global.

What sets sound healing apart from many Western healing modalities, is that it’s a direct and experiential way to transform your emotions and align with your natural “energetic blueprint” as well as the energy of all life.

It doesn’t rely upon medications with long lists of side effects. You don’t need to strain your brain to forcefully replace negative thoughts with a positive one. It moves you away from your storylines and limiting beliefs into pure vibrations.

For example, Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ)’s Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing provides access to your organs directly for the purpose of healing and harmonizing all dimensions of your five organ system (heart, kidneys, pancreas, lungs) … including your emotional energy body.

You learn to relate to the energy of your organs, beneath the triggers of your experiences, bypassing your brain’s labels. We experience the harmony and the Oneness when each of our organs, on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — are communicating freely.

At first sound healing might sound “woo-woo” to many of us who didn’t grow up with Traditional Chinese Medicine or indigenous practices, but remember western doctors do use ultrasound waves to break up kidney stones (and so much more!) and sound healing for collecting healing and awakening is now being explored more in-depth by science….

Leaders in Sound Therapy, such as Dr. Richard Gerber (Vibrational Medicine) and Jonathan Goldman (Healing Sound), found that sound in the forms of chanting, toning, drumming, and mantras is an effective tool for altering the electromagnetic field and impulses of an individual and the environment.

Sound produces measurable vibratory feelings throughout the body, altered by the frequency and amplitude of the sound. Researchers have found that certain sounds influence the geometric patterns and organization of cells and living systems.

Resonance (the basic vibratory rate of an object) can be changed through entrainment, and that according to Goldman,”involves the ability of more powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object to change the less powerful rhythmic vibrations of another object and cause them to synchronize their rhythms with the first object.

Through sound, it is possible to change the rhythms of our brain waves, as well as our heartbeat and respiration.” Sound restores homeostasis and brings us back to our natural order of health and well-being. Research also shows that the effects of sound are accumulative — meaning the more you incorporate sound healing into your daily routine, the greater and more permanent effect it can have on your energies and the collective energetic field.

There is no better time than now to unite as one heart, focused on the singular intention of creating a loving and sustainable world, not only for ourselves now, but for generations to come.

As we connect with critical mass conscious — using our innate sound healing “superpowers” — we can transform the old pattern of fear into a strong vibration of love and joy… launching us forward into a new reality.

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