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Alignment, Coherence & Awakening

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Awaken to Your True Essence, Open Your Energy Flow & Healing Your Mind-Body-Heart


Master Mingtong Answers:

“Why is our personal healing work essential for the evolution of ALL humanity and Planet Earth – especially right now?”

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The upcoming BODY & SOUL HEALING INTENSIVE Retreats will focus on Mental, Emotional, and Physical energy flow to release energetic blockages that can become the source of dis-ease, discomfort, pain, and emotional challenges.

During this Retreat you will experience the powerful movements, sounds, meditations, and visualizations of Wisdom Healing Qigong each day. The gentle, yet potent practices open your energy flow to deeper levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual energetic healing. You will be guided into progressive levels of intensive practice by Master Mingtong and Senior Teachers.

Master Mingtong will also include intermediate-level practices that expand the spiritual dimension of life. You will learn and experience Pure Consciousness practices that open your heart and soul to the inner truth within.

Throughout the Retreat you will receive direct energetic transmissions to help you absorb and assimilate the dynamic teachings into embodied wisdom that activates transformation on a cellular level.

Your Qigong Retreat For Alignment, Coherence & Awakening

A group of people practicing Qigong in a park.

Alignment: When parts are arranged with one another so they can work together in a mutually reinforcing harmony, flow, and progressive evolution. When the Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit are in alignment, energy can easily flow and naturally work toward healing, love, and fulfillment.

“When we are in full alignment with the energy of the Universe, we create an environment for synchronicities and miracles that can astound us.”

Coherence: The synchronization of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies that empowers us to become our best selves. When our energies and intentions are in alignment, they are able to work in coherence. If something has coherence, all parts are connected, in motion, and in sync — supporting and reinforcing each other in unity. We might describe it as a high-vibrational match and an order of harmonious self-perpetuating wholeness.

“When you are in coherence you are functioning optimally. This is also called a flow-state or being in the zone. Your creativity is amplified and perception can be phenomenal.”

Awakening: Opens our conscious awareness to a new level. We experience life with a fresh perspective as we enter into a deeper and broader relationship to all dimensions of our existence. We begin to see that what might at first appear to be opposites – the parts and the whole – become inseparable from each other. As we awaken, we realize that alignment and coherence are the thresholds into our continuing awakening. Alignment, coherence, and awakening exist as different fractals of essentially the same energetic essence.

"Through awakening to more dimensions of our being, we enter into an ever-expanding experiential knowing and deep appreciation of the aspects and qualities of the Unified Whole. This is the ethos of Wisdom Healing Qigong."


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Jack came to us with a sense of hopelessness, feeling disconnected from Life and everything that mattered…and found a renewal and reanimation through his deep work with Wisdom Healing Qigong.

“I am thrilled with the results I’ve already seen after just a few days and it definitely deepening my commitment to myself. I cannot thank you enough, Master Mingtong for ALL that you are doing to change the lives of people and thereby creating a more loving and powerful atmosphere for the ascension of our planet! Hoala!”

– Susan

“I’m at home [online with the Retreat] but I am there. I am reeling. I could feel the chi internally…I felt the fire of healing. Haola! This was extremely powerful. Qigong is new to me every Retreat because I have not yet met who I am becoming. My Old Story departs every second. Online is fabulous! One heart/one mind of optimism, highest faith, and whatever comes next…”

– Mary

“Even though I couldn’t always attend during the live broadcasts, I could feel the healing energy of the chi-verse when I was able to tune in later in the day. Master Mingtong Gu’s sound healings make my organs sing! Not only do I have more energy and my knees are much happier, but at this time of rapid change and challenge I feel calm and centered. I would encourage anyone who wants to feel better, with more vitality and joy, to sign up for an online retreat with The Chi Center today! Haola”

– Kaija

“In this unprecedented time of crisis & unpredictable change, our dedication and commitment to support you in your journey of self-healing and self-realization are even stronger than ever. Together we can be the change we want to see in the world.”— Master Mingtong Gu

Wisdom Healing Qigong combines Meditative Movement, Vibrational Sound, Visualization, and Awakening Practices. It is complementary to all other forms of energy work, movement, bodywork, spiritual practice, medicine, healing, and therapies — and is adaptable to all mobility and fitness levels.

Qi (pronounced chee) means “energy or vital lifeforce”. Gong refers to “deepening or cultivation”. Wisdom Healing Qigong is a whole system of practice to upgrade your mental, physical, spiritual & emotional wellbeing using connection to and cultivation of universal energy.

Sound Healing To Open Your Heart & Emotional Energy

You will learn and practice intensive Sound Healing for the 5 organ systems. Sacred healing sounds work to release the stress we all feel — which is often primarily emotional stress locked in the cellular memory of our organs. By healing these emotional contractions of energy, you empower yourself to heal and awaken on every level of your life.

Sound Healing is a deeply empowering practice. Anybody can do it.

You don’t need to know how to play a musical instrument, you don’t need a strong voice, and you don’t need any special healing skills. You simply join in making the healing sounds and experience the sounds and energy around you.

Sound is an energetic vibration that can awaken your heart, your organs, your consciousness, and your cells – to facilitate deep healing and transformation on all levels from the physical to the emotional and spiritual.

Master Mingtong will teach you the Sound Healing techniques that are normally shared with Level 3 practitioners of Wisdom Healing Qigong. Advanced toning techniques benefit the brain, spinal cord, nerves, joints, muscles, and tendons — as well as awaken your consciousness.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can learn these techniques with step-by-step guidance. And, there will be plenty of breaks to allow you to assimilate.

Gentle & Enlivening Movement & Embodiment Practices

We’ll start each day’s session with a short meditation (called setting the chi field), followed by Master Mingtong teaching you simple movement practices that relax your mind and body to generate more powerful healing and awakening effects. Then we’ll continue working together as a group in the beautiful round Lotus Flower Kiva and/or our geodesic Compassion Dome. Your day will include teachings, transmissions, sound healing technologies, and gentle movement practices.

Pure Consciousness Practices To Connect To Essence

Continuing the progress you’ve made in Sound Healing and Movement practices, Master Mingtong will introduce you to the beautiful practice of Lift Chi Up & Pour Chi Down, plus beginning Pure Consciousness practices.

This will be one of the rare times both these practice forms are shared with the general public — the teachings were previously only available within the Zhineng Qigong Master training program in China.

By combining these practices with the energetic charge of our sacred location, plus the collective energy field of the group… the entire Retreat will become a supercharged experience of healing and spiritual awakening!

Small Group Reflection & Integration Activities

The power of small groups is priceless and immeasurable. You will be invited to join a small group of 6-8 like-minded people to share, connect, and support each other. Your group will be provided study questions and a powerful template that is used during all Wisdom Healing Qigong Intensive Retreats.

End-Of-The-Day Group Healing Sessions

One of the most popular features during our Healing Intensive Retreats are the Healing Sessions, led by Master Mingtong Gu, just before bedtime. Retreat attendees are invited to get comfortable, lying down with mats, pillows, and blankets in a dimly lit room. They are invited into a state of deep relaxed awareness in order to move energy in the room (and beyond!) through a collaborative process within the local and non-local chi field.

During the healing session, Master Mingtong activates the Wisdom Healing Qigong energetic flow through a combination of English, Chinese, Tibetan, and Sanskrit. The participants also engage in their own process of mindful intention — to help absorb, assimilate, and activate healing and transformation on a cellular level.

The healing energy transmission that flows through Master Mingtong and the chi field is connected to the energy that makes up your intention. That connection activates deep openings of energetic blockages and stimulates the awakening of aliveness in the body. This is the essence of inner medicine and the Healing Session.

Time & Space To Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Meditation & Repose around the Koi Pond

A Cystal Pro Ceremony in the middle of a field at The Chi Center.

Contemplation & Ceremony at the Labyrinth

Songs & Stories at the Pueblo House Courtyard

Hike to the 400-year-old Grandmother Trees

The Chi Center: A Beautiful Venue In New Mexico, USA
The Land Of Enchantment

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The Chi Center is located in the majestic high desert of Central New Mexico, USA, just 20 minutes South of Santa Fe in the beautiful Galisteo Basin.

This beautiful 150-acre property boasts breathtaking views of New Mexico’s landscape, the dazzling sunrises and sunsets over the surrounding mountains, and expansive and true darkness that reveals the Milky Way on the many clear nights. As soon as you arrive you can feel the same sacred healing energy of the land that the native people of this area have been feeling for thousands of years.

Retreats are held in the Lotus Kiva, a beautiful circular building which replicates traditional ceremonial kivas, set into the earth. The main lodge features six fireplaces, and the grounds include two labyrinths, outdoor fireplaces and art, fountains, a pond with a waterfall and paths for reflection and hiking. (Check out the video below for a 3-minute tour.)

“This is a place where heaven and earth truly meet within you and around you."

Enjoy Great Food & Charming Accommodations

During your on-campus Retreat you will enjoy stunning vistas, grounds, and the restorative atmosphere at The Center in the Galisteo Basin of New Mexico. Along with your Retreat program of learning, practice, and healing you will have time to relax and enjoy our arroyos, petroglyphs, labyrinths, trails, water features, comfortable rooms, and healthy, flavorful meals!

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“The Chi Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong is a one-of-a-kind place for people to come together and truly dedicate themselves to what is important — their physical health, their emotional wellbeing , plus their deeper capacity as human beings … including their creativity. A Chi Center Retreat is a very clear, dedicated, concentrated, and intense place for Wisdom Healing Qigong practice.

“The Center’s main room for practice is called a Kiva, which is the traditional name for a place for ceremony. And, more importantly, it’s a place to have an experience of an energy portal that really represents the nature of our work together. Sixty-feet in diameter, it is supported by an amazing sacred geometry architecture — half in the ground and half above the ground. The entire 150-acre Retreat Center is surrounded by the magical skies of The Land of Enchantment.” –Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu

Founder of The Chi Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong

(with his beloved Teacher, Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming in the background)

Featured Key Note Speaker & Teacher At Many Distinguished Organizations Such As:

For In-Person Attendees: Room Samples

5 Lodging Buildings — Each Room Is Unique

The Lofts at The Chi Center

The Lofts

The Ranch House at The Chi Center

The Ranch House

The Serenity Center at The Chi Center

The Serenity Center

The Main Lodge at The Chi Center

The Main Lodge

The Main Lodge room at The Chi Center

The Main Lodge

The Pueblo House

Commitment To Your Self Is Powerful! Many people discover they feel a surge of energy just by registering and making a powerful new pledge to themselves. Our team will be available to support you all along the way. Feel free to reach out to us via email at any time with questions by writing to

Your Intentions And Your Results. In the Wisdom Healing Qigong tradition, we will help you connect with and emphasize your deepest intention. What is your true, pure intention for joining this program? Your answer, your truth carries a certain energetic signature. It is the intention beyond what you do that determines the results of your actions. Before beginning this, or any wellness program, please consult your healthcare professional. Wisdom Healing Qigong is not intended to diagnose, cure, or be a substitute for professional medical advice

Here at The Chi Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, our entire focus is on supporting your healing and awakening, at every level of your being.

Our founder, Master Mingtong Gu, started out with asthma and scoliosis, as well as deep emotional pain from an unhappy and unstable childhood while growing up in China.

He found very little relief from standard treatments, and was resigned to a life centered on trying to manage his symptoms and pain.

In 1993 during his search for relief and healing, a friend of his from Ohio invited him to a Qigong class she was teaching.

When he spoke about his first experience, he said, “I was fascinated but had no idea how this could improve my health. But then… I felt a sense of lightness, flexibility, and inner being-ness that I had never experienced before. I asked my friend if she had any books about the practice and she gave me a book written in Chinese about the Medicineless Qigong Hospital in China. This planted the seed that led to my return to China and studying with Dr. Grandmaster Pang Ming.”

The Chinese Hospital With No Medicine

Master Mingtong’s journey to wellness led him to China, to Dr. Grandmaster Pang Ming’s Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic, Training, and Recovery Center — also known as the Medicine-less Qigong Hospital, where he became a devoted student of Grandmaster Pang and experienced profound healing through the ancient healing modality Zhineng Qigong, which translates to “Wisdom Healing Qigong”.

This Center was unlike typical hospitals you might think of; it used Qigong as the only form of treatment.

Over 23 years, The Center in China served 200,000 people with chronic, incurable, and “terminal” illnesses with excellent results.

Master Mingtong learned that Zhineng Qigong wasn’t just about movements. The healing went far deeper than the physical…

“We cultivate our own life energy through accessing nature’s great store of life energy [called qi or chi]. This approach produces quick results. But cultivating one’s qi/chi is not the most fundamental; cultivating one’s spirit is.”

“Mastery of qi/chi is really achieved through mastery of consciousness. We use consciousness in a careful, craftsman-like way, to shape our life, to attain our goals…”

“In modern terms, Qigong is just the refinement of consciousness to enhance the state of energy in the body. This leads to vibrant health, a harmonious body and mind, and awakened spiritual life.” — Dr. Grandmaster Pang Ming, creator of Zhineng Qigong (aka Wisdom Healing Qigong)

People might have come in for help with a chronic illness, but they left with a depth and renewed awakening of their spirit that changed their lives in profound ways.

At first, Master Mingtong went to Grandmaster Dr. Pang’s Medicine-less Qigong Hospital simply with the intention of finding more inner peace and emotional balance.

Yet, what he got was so much more.

“The main changes I noticed, in the beginning, were emotional. I started to feel more open and more secure — an overall sense of centeredness at first, then a deeper sense of happiness, and eventually, an overall increase in my awareness and emotional capacity. I could feel my emotions return to inner centeredness and inner peace effectively when strong emotions arose — without being suppressed.”

And, it didn’t stop there.

“I started to notice a new sense of well-being after I decided to make this practice a regular routine. My spine started to open, my breathing became deeper, and my mind started to settle with an inner sense of exploration.”

In time, with consistent practice, Master Mingtong healed his asthma and scoliosis completely.

It was incredible.

As he healed at The Medicine-less Qigong Hospital, Master Mingtong watched other people come with every sort of illness and emotional struggle you could imagine, and was fascinated to watch as residents got healthier and more joyful throughout their stay.

As miraculous as this sounds, there’s a lot of scientific validation to it as well!

Fast-Forward To Today

Master Mingtong Gu has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, using the Wisdom Healing Qigong methods that he learned from Dr. Grandmaster Pang Ming.

His dedication has been recognized by being named the Qigong Master of the Year by the World Congress for Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For more than 30 years, he has continued to follow his calling to cultivate his practice and do everything possible to share the amazing gift of Qigong he received, mastered, and continues to deepen.

In order to realize his vision of using Qigong as a path to long-term health and happiness for all, he developed a network of dedicated teachers, and created a beautiful retreat center just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico — the only center in the West to be solely dedicated to healing and awakening through Qigong.

Through his commitment and vision, Master Mingtong Gu and his global organization have helped hundreds of thousands of people uncover their own joy and healing too, by developing in-depth online and in-person healing programs using Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit Connection

Gentle Movements to Open Flow

Visualization & Meditation

Vocalizing Sound Healing

Connecting Heaven & Earth

Seated, Standing, or Lying Down

Working with Subtle Energy

Haola! All is well and getting better

What is Wisdom Healing Qigong?

QIGONG is a practice, a technology, and an art that applies ancient wisdom, modern science, and the mind’s creative power to transform our lives from dis-ease to health and well-being.

It’s a direct and powerful technology to tap into the infinite source of energy — the same energy in the Milky Way — and use this infinite source to transform our physical and psychological conditions for a better, more balanced life.

HEALING is the application and benefit of awakening consciousness and wisdom when we work with energy as the foundational substance of the creative living universe within and around us.

True healing addresses the deepest causes of disease and life’s problems beyond simply fixing the symptoms. It requires practice to become aware of and change the limited patterns of mind, body, and heart and to then address those energetic conditions. The result is improvement of health and wellbeing, including the transformation of chronic illness for both the long and short term. Healing also seeks – quite naturally – the deep transformation of the whole person, by realizing the whole unified harmony of the individual within and in relationship to the multi-dimensional unity of all life.

WISDOM is the understanding that arises from an awakening of our perception and consciousness of life. Ultimate wisdom is the ability to know and embody the creative source of the living universe, moment-to-moment. It is our conscious capacity to fully participate in the continuous dance of evolving creation.

WISDOM HEALING QIGONG is a Western expression of the most validated effective form of Qigong, cultivated and refined by Master Mingtong Gu. Its foundations stem from the practice of Zhineng Qigong, founded by Master Mingtong’s revered and beloved teacher in China, Dr. Grandmaster Pang Ming.

Qigong is the cosmology (theory) and technology (art) for consciousness to work with creative energy (chi). It is a creative union of consciousness and energy, which awakens the joy-full wisdom capacity of mind, heart, and body.


Schedule a time to talk to one of our Retreat Experts!

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Graduates share their experiences after in-person and online Retreats.

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Go beyond your limitations and address the deepest causes and limiting patterns of suffering

“I am in deep gratitude to everyone who helped make this Retreat happen for all of us online. It was so smooth at all times. Thank you all so much! Haola”

– Theresa

“Gratitude for this Online Retreat – Master Mingtong and all at The Chi Center making these teachings possible to reach us anywhere. Gratitude and Haola.”

– Brenna

“Cancer affected my spine with 5 spinal fractures. Participating in the online Qigong Retreat, and embracing discomfort, has increased my range of motion which has improved my quality of life. I look forward to more improvements physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally as I continue to practice. Thank you all, and Haola!

– Jim

“Please share my gratefulness to everyone for this amazing Online Retreat. I felt the transmission strongly through the teachings and was touched by watching all the contributions of the staff. Everyone there gave something. It was so fun to watch the dancing and hear the laughing and it added so much to be tuned into it all virtually, although I can’t be there in person. My confidence and intention have deepened. This practice is a gift and I am deeply grateful that I was led to find this precious gift in my life. One of my sons asked, ‘Are you still doing that magic Qigong thing’? And, all of my family members have told me to never stop doing it because they have noticed great change in me. Haola to everyone. I love you all! Hugs! Haola!”

– Shelley

“I did not expect this much from an Online Qigong Mini-Retreat! It was a profoundly intense experience. It felt like I was under a waterfall washing away all impurities in my physical and energetic bodies. I felt a deep sense of cleansing and purification, as well as a deep sense of peace. So much so, that I decided to stay in stillness and quietness during the breaks. There was so much to integrate. This was, for me, the best sound healing I ever experienced, and I could feel the cleansing happening in my digestive tract and other organs. Thank you Master Mingtong so very much.”

– Claude

“The way The Chi Center has shown up online is remarkable, beautiful and profound. My connection to myself, life in general and to my healing journey in particular continues to grow and deepen. Thank you and haola!”

– Elizabeth