Learn and experience the practice of Lachi, that was proven to be the most effective healing method in the medicine-less Qigong hospital in China. People gained incredible results such as miracle healings from practicing Lachi for an extensive period of time. Tumors disappeared, diabetes and other diseases were cured.

Anyone can do the rhythmic movements, visualizing an invisible ball of energy expanding and condensing between the hands. The Lachi practice requires no physical strength. It allows easy relaxation. It can be done anytime, any place, and in any position whether sitting, standing, lying or walking, silently or with a simple chant.

When the hands open into the expanse of infinite space, our mind prevails upon our heart to open—and all blockages, all illnesses, and all negativities dissolve. When the hands close, returning back to our body and to the cells inside, the mind absorbs condensed healing Hun Yuan Chi which can be used wherever it is needed most. The more we practice Lachi, the more powerful it becomes.