Feifei Ortiz

Online Programs and Events
Feifei joined the Chi Center just as we launched new internet technology to share the practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong with the world through online classes and live stream broadcasts — “way back” in 2012. She supports the team and the larger Chi Center community by helping with tech support and information systems, and she often seamlessly heads up running the technology for our live-stream broadcasts. eifei came to the United States after graduating from South China University of Technology in 2010. She lives in northern California with her family.

More Team Members

Gillian Gonda
Gillian Gonda
Venue Operations & Leadership

Gillian is our Venue Manager and oversees all events at The Chi Center in New Mexico, supporting local, national, and global partnerships. Gillian thrives when in relationship with individuals and organizations seeking transformational change in themselves, communities, and society through deep learning, spiritual practice, and unique opportunities to engage. She has spent many years operating public and private retreat centers and also specializes in program strategy and design, community outreach, and public engagement. Originally from Placitas, New Mexico but away for 18 years, Gillian followed her heart back home to New Mexico and now lives in Santa Fe with her youngest child.

Brittani Mitchell
Brittani Mitchell
Systems and Operations
Linda Smith
Retreat Enrollment & Teaching

Linda is an Enrollment and Retreat Expert at The Chi Center — helping people get clear on the next steps of their healing, health, and well-being journeys with Wisdom Healing Qigong and how to best access our online programs and retreats. Linda is retired from a career in the computer industry and from private practice as a healing practitioner. She has studied Wisdom Healing Qigong since 2012 and is a life long student and practitioner of healing arts. She is also a Wisdom Healing Qigong Level 2 Certified Instructor and Level 1 Certified Healer. Linda currently lives and plays on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.