In this explanation video Master Mingtong Gu shares his recommendations for correct posture and alignment to assist you in connecting deeper to the subtle energy within and around you while helping you improve the natural flow of energy assisting your mind, body, emotions and spirit in its own self-healing and awakening.


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  1. Robert Kent Segress

    Thank you, Master Mingtong and Chi Center. Blessings to you, and your great work today. Sincerely, Robert Kent Segress

  2. Kerstin Müller

    Thank you for this weekly in depth explanations, teachings and meditations for healing, awakening and transformation. I feel blessed, that I found The Chi Center and all of what you offer. HAOLA!

  3. sheridann

    Thank you for sharing. Down the road, when it is possible financially, I will register for your Sound and Wisdom Healing Programs. They sound wonderful.
    At present, and for a number of years, I have benefited from Effie Chow’s special 8 exercises so I do know how beneficial Qi Gong can be when practiced ongoing.
    So, thank you so much – I deeply appreciate this.

    • Stephanie Parrott

      Most welcome! We look forward to your joining our programs when you are able.

  4. Jennifer

    I wish to thank Master Ming Tong.
    I believe this practice will bring myself great peace and health.


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