Ask Master Mingtong: What are Healing Intensive Retreats?

Master Mingtong Gu

Published on:

February 12, 2021

Master Mingtong Gu’s Intention for Healing Intensive Retreats at The Chi Center

The practical benefits of Wisdom Healing Qigong are very spiritual. Qigong brings a spiritual force into the physical dimension of life thereby completing the spiritual purpose of life: transformation, manifestation, and fulfillment. Master Mingtong reports, that from his experience in China, this kind of Healing Intensive Retreat provides an opportunity for people who are fully committed and dedicated to realize physical transformation and spiritual fulfillment.

Having been profoundly cultivated over millennia, the technology of Qigong has become a complete system of transformative practice. Historically, it took years to learn and realize the benefits of this type of practice.

Dr. Pang Ming studied for more than three decades with 19 masters and grandmasters from different schools, creating a system to more quickly and efficiently manifest the power of Zhineng (pronounced Tszu-nen) Qigong practice. He experimented with this system by offering many levels of practice and a large variety of retreats.

Master Mingtong would like to be very clear about his intention for The Chi Center’s Healing Intensive Retreats: it is to present and share the profound power and depth of the Wisdom Healing Qigong system, along with its simplicity, accessibility, and sustainable benefits — and do so in a concentrated form.

Although we look for measurable results, are not doing research during Retreats. The research has been done, and the benefits documented. There is much we can learn about this lineage of teaching and system of practice. In Retreat, the purpose is not, however, to learn everything.

Master Mingtong has distilled teaching and training material, usually covered in six months, to its very essence, so it can be shared and experienced in a short time period. He has also created a sustainable system that draws from practices taught in the initial four-week training, the one-month training and the two-year training programs taught by Dr. Pang in China. The result is a one to four-week Retreat that merges and condenses these programs. This approach  streamlines four weeks of learning and practice into seven days of intense practice in Retreat. (Subsequent weeks of Retreat go even deeper into the study and experience of the practice.)

The reason we are doing this is to help students maximize the practical benefits of the practice and realize healing as quickly as possible. The focus is on what we can accomplish, and not on what we can understand. We do this by concentrating more on what we want, instead of how we are feeling in the moment. How we are feeling is important, however, it is more important to attend to how we act on our feelings. The latter is what will really affect change.

We want to realize the goal of measurable transformation through real commitment, real practice, and real action. This transformation is what drew people to the four-week training in China. It was not intellect or belief that made this transformation possible, but rather, a serious and dedicated commitment to healing, often from a terminal illness. Students were willing to work through whatever challenges they faced, and stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones to be fully present with what the moment demanded.

During Retreats we are “drinking and eating” chi, making energetic medicine, and realizing the effects of the medicine. Of course we relax and meditate, share and honor what we are feeling as well. We learn to move from a reactive or witnessing state to a proactive or initiating state.

We want to invite you on a journey where we deepen quickly and cover what is most essential in realizing tangible transformation. On this journey, we offer you all the ingredients of energy medicine, which have been proven to be most effective for healing — and we guide you in using these ingredients to make the medicine you need.

If we concentrate on practicing and working with energy in this way, this simple approach can yield tremendous results.”
Together, we move forward and journey as far our capacity will take us, and potentially going to a place where no woman or man has gone before.

Captured during a Healing Intensive Retreat and recorded in:
Wisdom Healing Zhineng Qigong: Teachings by Master Mingtong Gu
Article edited and submitted by Sallena Pool, The Chi Center

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