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"As millions of people in
China have already discovered, Wisdom Healing Qigong essentially reverses the aging process, while reducing stress, preventing illness, curing disease, and enhancing the overall quality of life

Master Mingtong Gu

Welcome to Wisdom Healing Qigong
One Practice. Unlimited Possibilities

Qigong Retreats, Courses, Events, and Online Learning
for Individuals, Healthcare Professionals and Qigong Teacher Training.


Sound Healing for Emotional Health for Beginner. Three month course starts with free entry to May 3 More Qi Workshop, and focuses on sound healing. Includes teachings and practice in Qigong sounds for five organs & movements that renew body, mind & emotions..>>Read More


Healing Intensive Retreats  

June 24-28, Port Townsend, WA
Aug 27-Sep 2: Petaluma CA
Sep 3-Sep 9,
 Sound Healing Intensive Retreat, Petaluma, CA  
>> Read More


 Master Gu's NW Coast Tour 

Qigong for Health & Happiness

June 24 - 28, Port Townsend, WA -

            Limited Space Available 

July 3-9, Hollyhock Retreat Center, Canada
              >> Read More


What is possible with your health?
In Wisdom Healing Qigong, we are individually and, as a community, revising and expanding the story of healing ourselves and this planet: what has previously been deemed impossible (old story) is now becoming possible (new story). 
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inspiring stories

 "Mingtong, I am truly grateful to have found myself at this place and to find so much unconditional sharing. The practise is amazing and so surprising to feel the strength of the source energy so easily accessed in this way, brilliant! I am looking forward to the year long practitioner classes. Geography and personal circumstances make travel to US difficult so this opportunity is unbelievably valuable, and pretty damn cool. " Shaarina T, New Zealand

“The greatest discovery of modern science is the link between the energy coursing through the cells of our body and the energy that gave birth to the stars and galaxies and life itself. Qi Gong is the embodiment of this discovery. Through the practice of Qigong, one comes to feel the energy that pervades us and carries us forward in our lives; and one begins to abide in this primoridal healing energy that has brought forth our cosmos over the last 13.7 billion years.”

Brian Swimme, mathematical cosmologist and author of "The Universe Story"


Master Mingtong Gu received his training at the largest Qigong hospital in China. Named The Qigong Master of the Year by the 13th World Congress for Qigong and TCM, he is the founder of the Chi Center, based at EarthRise at IONS in California.

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong.” Dr. Oz said to Oprah.

What is Qigong? The energy that animates all life is referred to as “Qi” (pronounced ‘Chee'). Qi (Chi) is an invisible energy that cannot be seen, but it can be felt and experienced. As it travels through your body, it makes your heart beat, it nourishes your tissue and organs, and it even contributes to the conscious activities of your mind. Wisdom Healing Qigong guides you to access this energy of life to calm your mind, recharge your body and reduce stress. This practice of gentle movement, sound, visualization and meditation is suited to all abilities, and can benefit self, as well as others. Read More

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