Ask Master Mingtong: How do stress and trauma contribute to disease and pain?

by : Master Mingtong Gu

Did you realize that a lifetime of unreleased stress and trauma can contribute to chronic pain, disease, and a loss of vitality as you age?

It’s true, but how? And more importantly — is it reversible?

According to Qigong wisdom, over the years, we accumulate stress and trauma which causes energetic blockages in our organ systems (heart, liver, lungs, etc). This creates imbalances that are detrimental to our long-term emotional and physical health… and are the root causes of most age-related illnesses.

Fortunately, there is indeed a remedy — with no negative side effects — that can be an invaluable ally in Life ….

Wisdom Healing Qigong practices were designed to help practitioners of any age and ability access and master their energy systems, so we are empowered to remove blockages from negative emotions and situations that may have been building up since we were very young.

You can only imagine the levels of health and freedom people experience when they have finally released this lifetime of “energetic residue.” They become more resilient, and have increased capacity to harness their personal power… which is essential in the second half of our lives when we want to continue to make our best contributions to the world.”

No matter your age or challenges, your genius and viewpoint is essential. The future needs your influence – your wisdom, honor, and love. Your most sacred, creative, and impactful work still lies ahead of you.

And once your energy systems are allowed to flow naturally, the additional benefits of an ongoing practice can be profound.

It’s an opportunity to not only experience less stress day-to-day, but also tap into higher levels of consciousness and wisdom…


Embracing Our Wholeness, Embracing Our Wisdom


When we’re stressed, we’re often only reacting to life because our response is not coming from a deeper, expansive place of ease. This disconnects us from our innate wisdom.

However, as you may have experienced firsthand, the movement, sound and meditation practices of Qigong cultivate the expansiveness of your heart, your mind, and your energetic spaciousness… so you’re able to have a much wider experience of life.

It’s this state that helps us connect with our wholeness… which is essential for our well-being, resilience and our health as we age consciously.

For example, when you are constricted or contracted, you might have thoughts like, “Physically, I’m separate from everyone else. I’m isolated in my particular disease and condition. I’m limited by what has happened to me in my past.”

As an alternative, with energetic spaciousness, your mind can open as big as a house, as big as planet earth. You can sense your energy linked to our collective experience and collective potential. You can sense your connection to the cycle of life, fearing death less and living more fully moment to moment.

The beauty of energy is that, on one hand, it’s this ocean of totality and it is non-local. It’s everywhere. It’s undifferentiated, permeating all form and formless…

And yet, with intention and practices like Qigong, you can localize it anywhere — including in your body — to release stress and trauma, accelerate healing and promote longevity.

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Meditate with Master Mingtong Gu

Meditate with Master Mingtong Gu

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