Ask Master Mingtong: Can Qigong principles enhance the effectiveness of my medications?

Published on:

April 23, 2020

Can energetic principles be used to expand the benefits of medicine?

In a word, yes.

Many people have a conflicted relationship with pharmaceuticals, medications, and even health supplements. When faced with challenging health conditions, they may think, “I wish I didn’t have to take this medicine, but I must.”

Unfortunately, this attitude develops a love-hate relationship with the medicine as well as with our physical bodies. We may find ourselves rejecting the medication on some level, while also depending on it.

Can you see how this approach can result in “sticky energy”? We feel discontented and ambivalent, but continue to use the medication anyway because we feel we have to. This kind of tension may not only inhibit healing; it may also increase the side effects we experience.

So from an energetic perspective, what’s the alternative?   You might think the only other option is to toss out your pills and hope for the best; however, this is not at all what we are suggesting. Rather, the same energetic principles used in Qigong can actually be used to expand the benefits of your medication.

With this approach, rather than questioning whether a medicine works or doesn’t, or whether it will cure us, we start to ask ourselves what we can do to make it work more effectively for us.

Medicine as a Form of Energy

The first thing to consider is that when the body is taking in medicine, the medication is a form of physical energy, and it needs to be in harmony with the body.   Because of the complexity of the physical body, it can be very challenging to find a medicine that interacts 100% positively with our trillion cells. While part of the body might benefit from it, another part of the body may respond less favorably, resulting in various side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, rashes, etc.

However, no matter the medicine, we can actually expand the positive impact of any medication by understanding how to work with energy and intention.

This is the same intention we apply in all our Wisdom Healing Qigong practice.   In Wisdom Healing Qigong, we have a deep understanding that the energetic extends beyond merely physical matter. We learn to use the 96% of energy that is subtle energy, invisible energy, vibrational energy, informational energy — the full spectrum of energy — to access and transform the physical.   This means you can bless your physical medicine with Light… with Chi… with energy.

Bless that medicine by visualizing it coming into your body as life force, as healing energy. You can also focus on the best result and see every organ and every cell of your entire body responding to your medicine with a big smile and gratitude.

Try this right now. Think about any medicine or supplement you might take. Smile into this medicine and into every cell of your body, visualizing harmony and well being. Do you feel how this kind of blessing can send healing information to your entire body, augmenting the benefits of the medicine?   In essence, you’re shifting your relationship to the medicine by empowering it with your own intention, aligned with the source energy, and visualizing the result you desire. Welcoming it into your body and being in this harmonious state can support a positive outcome.

How to Activate your Qigong practice to Energize Your Medicine

Your Qigong practice activates every cell, every part of the body, to awaken to this intelligence, this energy, and this healing potential. Aligning the original purpose of your medicine with your heart’s desire for optimal health and wellbeing is very important. Because medicine is physical, it contains a small percentage – about 4% – of the energetic whole of the universe. It’s helpful, and it is only a small piece of the puzzle. With a regular Qigong practice, we supplement the medicine with the rest of the 96% energy available to us.

Shifting from Dependence to Empowerment

Discontinuing your medicine is never recommended without the guidance of your physician who prescribed it. And yet, you may find that as you get more deeply engaged in your Qigong practice, you may be able to join the millions of practitioners around the world who have seen their need for medications shift as they have deepened in their practice and healing commitment. Qigong is like self-acupuncture, self-massage, or self-chiropractic work. You are doing it with and for yourself. And the price can’t be beat! You can return to practice multiple times a day with no additional fees. Qigong Masters and long-time practitioners will tell you that this is the most cost-effective  health system that has ever existed.

Haola! All is well and getting better.

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