World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

The Last Saturday in April • 10am in Every Timezone

The Power of Connection

Each year on the last Saturday of April during World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, tens of thousands come together — crossing all racial, religious, and ethnic groups — to symbolize the commonality and connection of humanity. Since 1999, as the event has evolved and spread around the planet, it has become a geo-political movement for the purposes of advancing health, healing, and awakening and to encourage everyone to take part in the global vision of Unity using the mantra, “One World . . . One Breath”.

“Imagine the power and energy unleashed when millions of us come together, on the same day and at the same time, to offer our gifts, solutions, and inspirations for a new, healthier world.”

-Master Mingtong Gu

Here's Your World TaiChi & Qigong Day practice.

Please begin at 10am in your timezone. We will create a “wave of chi around the world”!

On the last Saturday of April, each year at 10 am in each time zone, tens of thousands of people, in hundreds of cities across more than 70 nations come together… to practice and breathe together … to provide a healing vision for our world.

The first World TaiChi & Qigong Day event was created in 1999 to educate the media, and public, about the vastly important emerging medical research on Tai Chi and Qigong. This important research demonstrates that regular practice benefits a host of challenges and health issues.

The Chi Center, World Congress for Qigong and TCM and World Qigong and Tai Chi Day, with other organizations, are initiating a global consciousness movement including Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation, in countries around the world. The goal is to align millions of people, helping us all to embody open hearts and minds focused on creating a transformative, healing energy field that will help us bring positive change at this critical time on planet Earth.

Qigong can help you increase energy, reduce stress, and enhance your overall wellness.

Disease or trauma is energy being expressed in unhealthy patterns. We can bring these energies into a state of health (freely flowing harmonized energy) through simple movement practices, sounds, and visualizations, as taught in our new Wisdom Healing Qigong book, Empowered Healing.

The clearly explained, profound techniques for sending high quality, vibrational healing energy to any condition, either within yourself or to another, is applicable to any conflict or concern. This is true whether dealing on a personal, familial, workplace or even global level.

Whether you are new to energy-based healing or have been working with energy as a therapist, doctor or Qigong student – whether you are sick or healthy – both the theory and the practices shared will bring great benefit to you, your life, and those around you.

Mini-Documentary : Debra Chamberlain-Taylor's Healing Journey