New Vision: Qigong for Life Mastery – Online Training & Membership Program

by : Master Mingtong Gu

In this online membership program, New Vision: Qigong for Life Mastery, we will dive progressively into all of the core teachings and practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong: Awaken Vitality Method, Sound Healing, Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down and Pure Consciousness practices. Every Saturday via Zoom there are Livestream teachings, practice, coaching, small study groups, and lots of time for Q&A

Every 2 months you will receive access to the next step in your learning progression. Each of these sections include lessons that incorporate a variety of practice videos, lecture transmissions, healing sessions, and additional supplemental Wisdom Healing Qigong practices including: Standing Meditation, Dragon Arms, Lachi, Inner Smile Meditation, 3A’s Practice, introduction to the Six Golden Keys, the Chi Field, the Integrative Oneness Theory, the process of healing through transformation, Chi purification, healing karma, etc.

For your convenience, your membership will renew automatically every month until cancelled.

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