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Let’s face it. Retreats are special. They are intentionally designed to be safe, immersive experiences for growth and change, with all of the support needed to facilitate transformation, and none of the distractions of everyday life that can derail it. After opening up in such a Retreat environment, surrounded by kindred spirits on a similar journey, it can be very challenging to maintain the momentum of healing and change when you return back to the many demands and fast pace of modern life.

You are Invited to Step through the Portal of Your Next Transformation and continue the embodiment of your learnings, transformative processes, and Wisdom Healing Qigong practices you began during your last Healing Intensive Retreat.

Watch the Video Below for a teaching about healing, more info about Passages, and a sample of real-time coaching!

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The shattered pieces of my yesterday create the sturdy portal to my tomorrow.

After a Retreat, returning  to the relationships, responsibilities, patterns, and old conditioning of daily life can often disrupt the momentum of your healing journey. And yet, transforming and evolving in the context of everyday life is an important part of your passage, since that’s where the majority of your life is lived.

So, that’s why we are introducing a program designed specifically for Healing Intensive Retreat Graduates. We’re calling it: Wisdom Healing Qigong Passages — Your Journey to H.E.A.L : Health. Energy. Awakening. Life

We have designed Passages, a  membership program to support folks just like you — to help you enhance the effectiveness of your Qigong practice and sustain it day in and day out, even amidst the complexity of everyday life — to give you personalized guided support from a Chi Center Coach as you navigate your way to your wellbeing goals.

We know the stakes are high. You are on a precious and unique life-journey and we know you are committed to your personal transformation — you’ve demonstrated that just by attending a several-day in Retreat with Master Mingtong. Look at all the steps you’ve already taken just to get to where you are today!

Is This for You? How Will Passages Support the Progress you Gained During your Retreat?

We have confidence that you initiated many changes during your Retreat with Master Mingtong. If you are like most people, when you go home you will be filled with hope and a renewed sense of self-empowerment. And, we also know that those feelings tend to fade over time, and your practice can dwindle. So, Passages has been designed specifically to support you as you navigate this transition, keeping you going steadily over the long-term, with the same energy, passion and dedication you felt in Retreat.

When a seed is planted, it needs more than a one-time infusion of water and nutrients if it is to blossom into its fullness. Likewise, you need ongoing nurturing to make the big changes that can support the health and wellbeing you desire. Daily practice and continually renewing your commitment is essential for the Retreat benefits to take root and continue to grow.

What are the intended results of Your Passages Membership?

What are the intended results of Your Passages Membership?

How often will we meet? What happens if you can’t attend a session?

Ideally, there will be weekly coaching sessions held on Zoom video conferencing. This technology allows you to connect via phone or internet. Group and Private coaching sessions are the core elements of the program. If you have to miss a group meeting, all will be recorded and put into your Learning Library, so you can watch at your convenience.

Master Mingtong will convene additional live Zoom sessions during Passages, to answer your questions. The schedule will be set around his teaching and travel calendars. We’ll let you know that dates as soon as possible.

When will Passages begin and end?

New Passages groups form twice each year in June and November.  Renewable commitments to the membership are in 6 month intervals. The first group coaching session will convene within a few months following your Retreat, using Zoom technology. The days and times will be determined soon, and we will try to be considerate of time zones for each group member.

And… we want you to continue your learnings sooner than that!

We will provide videos and a daily journal for charting your progress after your Retreat. You and your coach will review it and utilize it to help you map out your personalized Wisdom Healing Qigong practice plan prior to the first group coaching session.

The door is open and wide. Don't go back to sleep.

We’ve designed the Passages program based upon the three keys people need to support transformation and change:

Individual Accountability and Loyalty to Self: We will support you to create, navigate, and keep going with your unique Wisdom Healing Qigong Healing plan — designed specifically for your circumstances and your goals for healing, health and wellbeing with Wisdom Healing Qigong. We will be there to help you build your sense of self-confidence and keep you from “spinning, skipping, and getting stuck”.

Community and Supportive Guidance: Community provides an emotional and energetic connection that is an invaluable resource in going through the challenges that are inherent in the transformative process. Community provides a sense of belonging — of being seen, heard, and met. In this program, you will have a private, supportive community readily available to you.

Essential Teachings, Wisdom, and Knowledge: Your Passages group will have an experienced Chi Center Coach who is well versed in the practices and principles of Wisdom Healing Qigong and the processes of transformation. In addition, your connection to Master Mingtong will continue. Over the course of the program, he will convene periodic private group sessions with the Passages group. Touching base with him will be a source of confidence and resource to address your questions, challenges, and insights that are a normal part of everyone’s journey.

Zen-like arrangement of smooth, stacked river stones in a balanced tower, set against a soft-focus background of a blurred water scene, symbolizing the principles of Hun Yuan Chi. The harmony and stability of the stones reflect the essence of Wisdom Healing Qigong and sound healing, embodying the flow of source energy in nature.

What are the Passages agreements and commitments?

By joining the Passages Membership, I am committing to:

What are the steps to consider before getting started?

Your first step:
Schedule a time with a member of our staff for a conversation with a member of our Team to see if you are a good fit for the Passages program.  The Passages group coaching membership can be renewed in 6 month increments.

Your investment:
The WHQ Passages membership is $4,500 for each 6-month commitment.  
  For the best value, you can pay the total in full. Or, your commitment can be paid monthly with a small service charge, at $780/month.  Memberships and billings automatically renew until cancelled.

There is special pricing available for families who enroll in the Passages program together. Talk to your Coach about this option.

Your timeline:
You have a bit of time to decide if this is your best next step on your personal journey. Our intention is that you keep the flow of your practice going. So, once you join Passages, we will be sending you additional information, and your Coach will be in touch to help you outline your personalized plan, which includes the private coaching schedule.

 We will close enrollment once we are full for our next group start dates.

We want you to know:

Commitment to your Self is powerful! Many people discover they feel a surge of energy just by registering and making a powerful new pledge to themselves. Sometimes this energy can be experienced as distress, as your old paradigms are stirred up. Some people may even experience what feels like the onset of a cold, flu or intensification of symptoms. Please keep with your practice! Old blockages are dissolving. The energy is flowing.

Our team will be available to support you all along the way. Feel free to reach out to us via email at any time with questions about the Passages membership, by writing to WhatsNext@ChiCenter.com. We are holding this opportunity in our hearts for you and sending you radiant blessings of health, joy, and love! Thank you for being part of our Retreat graduate community.

Your intentions and your results. In the Wisdom Healing Qigong tradition, we will help you connect with and emphasize your deepest intention. What is your true, pure intention for joining this program? Your answer, your truth carries a certain energetic signature. It is the intention beyond what you do that determines the results of your actions. Before beginning this, or any wellness program, please consult your healthcare professional. The Passages membership program is not intended to diagnose, cure, or be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Your privacy and confidential information. We take our responsibility to protect your personal data and your health information very seriously. It is our utmost priority to care responsibly for any data you give us. We use your data to deliver and improve the information and services we provide to you, and we never share it with others. All payment information is stored within secure platforms whose business is to do that securely with high levels of encryption. Each member of the Passages membership must agree to keep the information shared by others in a group program confidential to the members of the group. However, individuals may choose to share the results and testimonial stories of their own personal experience publicly.

Cancellation policies. If you must cancel, please understand that we do not grant refunds for any reason. However, you may apply the funds you paid toward attendance of a future Chi Center Retreat or Passages membership, within 12 months from your date of cancellation. If The Chi Center cancels this membership, you will receive 2 weeks’ notice when possible, and a full refund. We are not responsible for the cost of any travel cancellation costs associated with Chi Center retreats, events, or programs.

Audio and Video Recordings. Many of our program sessions will be recorded on audio and video for the benefit of the participants. In addition, The Chi Center may use videos, photos and/or recording excerpts for educational, documentary, and marketing purposes. Participants will be provided a Release of Rights and Claims form with more information about these policies.

Meet Your Passages Program Team

Master Mingtong Gu

Master Teacher & Founder

The Chi Center

Sallena Pool


The Chi Center

Annie Gedye

Lead Coach

The Chi Center

Otis Wollan

Passages Coach