Sarah Sampayo

Online Student Support
Sarah is a member of our Online Student Support Team. She is a Level 1 Certified Teacher and Healing Facilitator in Wisdom Healing Qigong and will be certifying for Level 2 Teacher June 2018. She brings a diverse background in both movement and spiritual wellness to her Qigong practice. Her experience includes: professional dancer; martial arts black belts in two different systems; Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; trauma resolution training; BA-MA in religious studies; doctorate of jurisprudence; and certified mediator.

Sarah currently has a private practice as a Massage Therapist where she integrates the wisdom of Qigong into her bodywork. Her philosophy has always been: the integral connection between mind and body means that as you heal the mind, you heal the body and vice-versa. For Sarah, Qigong is the science of the mind-body connection that helps us unlock our potential for both physical and spiritual health and development.

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