Christopher Powell, D.C.

Retreat Hospitality
Dr. Christopher is our Retreat Center Wellbeing and Hospitality Chief. He looks after the wellbeing of the properties, facilities, and hospitality operations at The Chi Center in New Mexico. He serves as a warm, caring, and welcoming host to guests, and an inspiring team leader for our on-site staff and volunteers.

Christopher brings over 30 years of humanitarian service work in the US Coast Guard Air/Sea Search & Rescue, Oakland County Emergency Room, E.M.T, CPR Instructor, volunteer firefighter, International Service Projects, Doctor of Chiropractic and holistic manual/energy medicine & Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

His post-doc research is in Transformational Medicine — medicine from within — to transform pain, tension, blocks, emotional trauma, old beliefs, programs, and structures that no longer serve our highest desires and instead to use that energy for creating the life we truly desire.

He uses Qigong and yoga everyday as his primary form of self-care and also teaches wellness and vitality at the Galisteo Fire Department where he is a Captain volunteer firefighter.

The Chi Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong
40 Camino Vista Clara
Galisteo, NM 87540