Online Retreat

by : Master Mingtong Gu

We are delighted to announce that all of our Fall 2021 Retreats will be streamed ONLINE!! We will stream live daily and include our online participants in all aspects of the retreat teachings. You will have the option to join in these powerful retreat sessions in 10 day increments. Click the registration button below to select your online retreat access window!

FREE • 10 Daily Lessons 

September 7 – 16, 2021

Where Are We Now –
Individually & Collectively?

Transforming the Stress and Dis-ease of Long-term Uncertainty and Reiterative Challenges

Physical & Emotional Healing Intensive
September 17 – 26, 2021

Your Journey Into Pure Energy for Physical & Emotional Healing

Spiritual Awakening & Healing Intensive
September 29 – October 8, 2021

Your Journey into Spiritual Healing & Awakening through Pure Consciousness

Spiritual Awakening & Healing Intensive
September 29 – October 8, 2021

Your Journey into Spiritual Healing & Awakening through Pure Consciousness

“Studies conducted during the Retreats at the Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, in New Mexico, whether in person or in an online retreat, have confirmed profound results. Prepare yourself to experience powerful transformation in your physical wellness, mental health, and spiritual development.

“In this challenging time of health crisis, our dedication and commitment to support you in this journey of self-healing and self-realization are even stronger than ever. Together we can ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’”

Where Do You Need to Make a Change?

We have weathered many challenges throughout 2020 and we want you to know you are not alone as we continue to face the challenges of 2021. Like many of us, you may have had to dig deeply into your reserves to keep finding new levels of courage, patience, and hope.

It was oftentimes challenging…,but you did it. You kept things going even when you felt like you were at the edge of your capacity and ability.

Landscape photo of the New Mexico High Desert

Now, it’s time for you to be replenished. Without the stress of flights, travel or social distancing, you can still join us online to participate in our beautiful healing, energizing, and opening Online Retreat that your spirit has been yearning to experience — surrounded by others online who encourage, support, and love you every step of the way.

Healing is a process that involves the relaxing and untangling of stress, injury, and limiting beliefs so that we are re-patterned into life-affirming Wholeness.

Our Fall 2021 retreats are a 40-Day immersion, specifically designed to enliven your vitality, integrate your practice at a deep level, and help you transform the wisdom gleaned from your life challenges and use it as the key that opens the door to even deeper awakening and joy.

The Purpose Is Healing

This is a unique opportunity to emerge from the lockdown and spend time healing and energizing yourself in a supportive and uplifting Online Retreat experience – gaining the tools and developing the capacity to live our lives free of fear, empowered to survive and even thrive in a world that continues to struggle with the many human and environmental challenges facing us today.

We begin the first 20 Days with a focus on Physical and Emotional Healing starting with addressing the deeper cause of our physical “dis-ease” we work with both movement and Sound to unlock the emotional patterns that contribute to our energetic blockages. Then the next 20 days we will turn our focus toward Pure Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening.

These retreats are a most intense experience – a powerful means to jumpstart your own healing journey whether you are a long-time practitioner of Wisdom Healing Qigong or other meditation practices – or you are brand new to approaching your health and wellness in tandem with any required prescribed medicine from your doctor or healthcare professional.

Are you longing to relieve the stress in your body and mind? To experience the accumulative effects of Qigong practice, intensely, daily led by a master teacher?

Learning with a master teacher, often the teachings are more intense, more easily understood, and you feel more supported. You will have the opportunity to ask Master Mingtong questions about the concepts you are learning, about your own practice and experiences and your particular situation.

Having a skilled, experienced and patient master teacher on your journey at this time is one of the most healing gifts you can give to yourself during this lifetime.


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