This is the fifth in the weeklong series of Meditations for Healing in China and Around the World.

Master Mingtong offered this live-streamed series aired on YouTube and our website to activate the healing chi field for this special intention. We invite you to join us in this intention of global healing – healing ourself and healing our world.

We continue this healing series with a healing session for the universal body focusing on visualization and energy information led by Lingling.



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  1. Maryjane

    I truly appreciate these meditations. Thank you Master MingTong Gu.

  2. Barbara Golden

    Thank you from the center of my heart

  3. Maryjane Genestra

    Master MingTong, your Mrs.’ meditation is also very powerful and I welcomed it. I look forward to your newsletter and weekly meditations.

    My gratitude for your sharing kindness.

    • Stephanie Parrott

      Thank you for your kind words, Maryjane. May all benefit.

  4. Maryjane

    I just finished the last portion of the Linling Xie healing meditation. It was, again, very welcoming and appropriate. I have sessions 8 through 11 in my files now because I appreciated them so much.
    I look forward to the weekly meditation.
    Thank you.


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