Join us in setting our intentions for healing in China and around the world.

Last week I was moved to dedicate my practice to the people in China after I learned the dire truth about how the coronavirus epidemic is affecting life in China. Thousands have died or lost family members and millions are affected. The big cities are under martial law. Businesses are closed, and people are isolated and overwhelmed.

Then I realized, there are many others who may be experiencing heartache and suffering too – even if they don’t know anybody directly affected. Since we have the resources to offer a week of free online healing meditations to support global healing, our Chi Center team quickly set them up and got the word out. We started Saturday, February 15

Within the first moments of the first meditation, I connected to the sea of suffering in China – the pain, fear, overwhelm stress, helplessness, hopelessness, worry, blaming, complaining, and more. As I began to feel and accept all the sensations in my body and heart, I was overcome with the extent and depth of many generations of world-wide strife from trauma, wars, earthquakes, disease, starvation — on and on —  whether human-caused or natural disasters. The tears started flowing.

No matter what the “cause” of the current epidemic in China, we know it is a symptom of the state of humanity — a contraction of universal energy that requires acknowledgment and acceptance, loving kindness, blessing, forgiveness, compassion, purification and transformation. The process for healing collective suffering and dis-ease here on Earth, is the same as the process for personal healing.

And, today I am asking you, visitors, friends, students and colleagues  to come together — to bring your energy, your devotion, your love and attention to universal healing in your practice, and with me online. Although the daily meditations I began February 15 were triggered by the coronavirus epidemic affecting my birthplace, it’s clear now that the impulse behind them was a bigger call for collective, intergenerational, and planetary healing. The call is much beyond what’s happening in China, but the coronavirus can be a focus for our dedication and intention.

So first, please put out the word about these free teaching meditations in all the ways that you communicate with your circles — social media, email, phone calls, text, or face-to-face. Together we can have a larger impact.

Then commit to 7 days or more of setting your intention for global healing. This is an extremely potent way to activate and enhance your own practice and your mission as a healer, teacher, light-bearer, and leader.

These sessions contain the gem of Wisdom Healing Qigong teaching. They are a true gift from the chi field.

The healing replay videos will be up indefinitely, but there is an urgency to get out the word right now so that more people get access to them during this window of time. I have never felt this so strongly before. I’m inviting you to join me in this initiative.

The coming weeks will be extremely significant. There is a powerful and demanding energy present right now in the Universe. As obstacles like the epidemic arise, we are being asked to understand they are tailor-made for us to meet and overcome at this particular moment in time

Be deliberate. Be intentional. Find Acceptance, Activation, and Appreciation throughout each day and join me in this powerful dedication of service. Participate in the healing meditations, and share the information with everyone you know. 

Be bold. Be swift. Your efforts will magnify and expand your own healing, development, and awakening.


Scroll down to watch the previous days’ replays!

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February 15th: Healing Meditations for Coronavirus-How to help to heal from Coronavirus in China and around the Globe

February 16th: Healing Meditations for Coronavirus – Purifying Fear

February 17th: Healing Meditations for CoronavirusIntroduction to-Liver & Purification

February 18th: Healing Meditations for Coronavirus-Interconnection, Three Steps of Healing Process 

February 19th: Healing Meditations for Coronavirus – Visualization and Energy Information Led by Linling 

February 20th: Healing Meditations for Coronavirus – Connections. 3 A’s, Haola and Chi Field as dedication of healing energy bank

February 21st Healing for China – Deep Cause of Healing and Awakening with Essence

*** Want to continue meditating with Master Mingtong Gu?


  1. Gregorio km

    Shall participate and send chi to China and the Earth Mother

    • Mark Kirby

      Blessings to China, Iran (especially now), Africa and South America and the rest of Asia. Healing vibes to the Earth Mother

  2. Janis Mansbridge

    Thank you so very much for providing a platform to focus healing energy on behalf of our family in China and the greater world. You are a magnificent light~!Many blessings, peace and love to you and the Chi Center community xo

    • Morris

      Please can you ask all the healers all around the world to send out healing on a certain time and day. Please let all the healers know what to say together. Together we will be strong.

  3. Kaija

    Haola, Haola
    Thank you ? sending prayers, so much love to all of our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, loved ones, al those who are suffering,
    in China.

  4. Linda Hearsch

    Amazingly powerful and moving. I am committed to every one of these seven days of meditation for Healing of the Earth and China. I plan to join live, right on the heels of my regular two hours of morning practice wherein I will make this a focus of my intention for healing. I believe in Miracles! Thank you Master Mingtong and LinLing for helping us all connect even more deeply with this issue and at the same time bring such empowerment, focus, direction and well-formed intention so that we can all make our best effort. Hun Yuan Ling Tong. I am inspired and humbled. Blessings. Haola!

  5. Sheila Hood

    Oh Master Mingtong thank you for conducting this most beautiful heartfelt live Healing Meditation. I f eel so humbled and privileged to have been able to take part.
    Haola and many many blessings to you your family and all at the Chi Centre.

  6. Debra

    Thank you ? for your kindness and compassion and wisdom

    Thank you for creating this meditation for us to join together in a collective healing of this tragic event

    Wishing you, your family, our communities, all China, all countries, and all of our beautiful planet
    All Blessings! ??❤️?


    • Sat Darshan Kaur Khalsa

      Beautiful. Thank you! Prayers of love and healing to all.

  7. Cathy

    Thank you 4 the beautiful healing meditation love light to all

  8. Ricardo

    Desde España, gracias por esta profunda y global sanación. Sanación especialmente focalizada en Hubei, China.

  9. Oceanstar

    Thank you for leading this deep healing meditation to Mother Earth, the world and to China. May all beings be well and healed. We so need need it in this times of strife, fear, and chaos. Love, light, compassion to all.???

  10. Julio Rojas. Chineng/ Qi cong student

    To love us is to love the world, Healing China is healing US The Chi willmake us stronger in order to suppor all the sufferings that is happening all over the word

  11. Diane Diamond

    With Deep Gratitude for your guidance and contribution to our individual and collective healing.

  12. Rhonda

    Thank you for the beautiful, powerful, and deeply moving healing meditations, Mingtong and Linling, and all who are helping produce these sessions, and all who are joining, listening to afterwards, or participating in spirit! One of the most extraordinary events I’ve ever experienced. I can only imagine the deep ripples through the Universal Chi Field now and through the future. Haola!

  13. Annie

    I pray for healing for the people of China and for the world. Lord God, give them patience and kindness for each other as they wait in their homes. We pray for healing for their government and freedom for their hearts.

  14. Monika

    In gratitude!

  15. Teresa

    Thank you
    A privilege to share

  16. KaZ

    Knowing nature makes no mistakes and that we vibrate at a different frequency than this virus. Thank you so much for these meditations.

  17. Els

    Thank you so much for providing a means for many people to contribute towards healing the world

  18. Ralph Havens

    thank you Ming Tong
    I love connecting with the Qi Field with you and the Chi Team
    much love,
    Ralph Havens


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